2020 Wake Up Call

It’s coming up to 4 weeks of lockdown here in the UK and I woke up with such heaviness in my head that I knew my soul was trying to get my attention to write this (actually I wrote it on day 3 but need to publish it). It has taken me a while to connect and create this on going dialogue with my higher self and I thought what better time than now to help others do the same. The world is in so much fear and panic right now and I have been apprehensive to admit that I am ok and I have been throughout most of this whole process. Yes I had some panic at the beginning adjusting to the change and worry about my loved ones alongside the financial stuff but that didn’t last long because I have been through a lot so I know how to deal with stress and change and this was no different.  When I asked my higher self why I was ok, I heard. ‘You have been preparing for this for lifetimes’ and I knew that.  I have worked so hard on myself for the last 11 years breaking down the old and re building the new that I recognise the process that this is the NEW EARTH forming.  Yes I have always just known stuff like when someone was going to call me, or what the right thing to do was but I didn’t always listen to this intuition or gut feeling as it was stripped from me at such a young age as it is for many and was meant to be so we could go through this process of awakening and remember who we are and how we are all connected and we need to open our hearts and bring heaven to earth.

Now I hear you asking what do you mean by awakening. For a long time, through many generations we have disconnected, we have separated, we have become a nation of suppressors. Obsessed with materialism, what car does he drive, how much does she earn, how many likes and followers have I. We have treated animals, the earth, each other and ourselves with disrespect. We have not made conscious choices. We have forgotten that we are all connected, that we are all one so now hopefully we will remember. My family has went through an interesting transformation in these last 4 weeks, lock down is not much different from our normal lives except there is no control now..there is no school, no clubs, no food restrictions, no TV restrictions because quite frankly there was enough stress around and change that the kids needed some FREEDOM… we needed some freedom. WE needed to re-group with ourselves and as a group, as to be honest we were slowly becoming dysfunctional before this and I was concerned. I prayed and longed for just time.  Time  like this to hang out with them and myself so I made/am making the most of it. I will be honest I did get frustrated at times as my husband just lay about in his PJs with the news on 24/7 at the beginning but some quiet words, understanding on my part (which was hard l will admit) that we are all different and leading by example and we settled into a routine of ease. I know this is not the same for all families and believe me at the beginning there were fears, tears and shouting but once we surrendered it became easier.
I saw this as an opportunity for healing and growth all round and you can too. We are due to be in lock down for another 3 weeks so use it wisely. One of the things I was adamant about was having the TV off and only checking in with the news a couple of times a day and staying away from social media.  Some are maybe doing this so this article isn’t fo you but if you are not then read on.  I would also suggest playing classical music throughout the house, it is so healing and stimulates your pituitary hormone gland (master gland) and our third eye chakra to gives us more CLARITY in life, allowing us to tune into our HIGHER SELF for direction. I suggest making every single task you do totally sacred and what that means is being TOTALLY PRESENT in everything that you do so that the day flows in a constant MOVEMENT MEDITATION. Spend time in the kitchen, putting love, time and attention into making breakfast, lunch and dinner enjoying the fact that you don’t have to rush the kids through their homework, out to their swimming class or into the bath ready for bed because their is school in the morning. For many this will have been a struggle, to slow down, to be aware of our habits, our thought patterns and that’s ok so don’t judge yourself, simply ask yourself now what are you going to do moving forward, how to you want to show up for yourself and your family when we come out of lock down. Do you really want to go back on that treadmill? Or do you want a more balanced life?

Yes we all have responsibilities and bills to pay but that doesn’t mean we let it all consume us. I suggest getting a piece of paper and writing a list of all the things that light you up(you love) on one side and all the things that don’t light you up on the other? I did this a couple of days ago and I am letting it sit in my consciousness, I am not getting annoyed and feeling restricted because I haven’t got a solution. I am open to my guidance. To set intentions for the life I want, especially with the new moon on the 22nd April (master number making it more powerful) depending on where you are. It’s in Taurus and is ushering us to make changes or they will be taken out of our hands and we will feel powerless as life just won’t flow easily and we will feel like we are paddling upstream. What will happen if we don’t listen to the whispers of our soul and do what we love daily is the heavy energy will build up in our system and we will actually feel like blowing like a Taurean Bull! We will feel irritable, angry, resentment so it’s important to prepare now and be patient and kind with yourself as you become more aware of you and what or who lights you up and what/who doesn’t and make the appropriate changes but we will have to make changes as balance, joy, fluidity will not just turn up if we simply wish for it we have to SHOW UP FOR OURSELVES AND DO THE WORK.

I suggest you take some time this week to just breathe and see yourself for the first time. Start with you, build that solid foundation first. Give yourself that SACRED ALONE TIME before everyone else gets up in the morning, do what lights you up and if you don’t know try some of these suggestions for 7 days but DON’T GIVE UP please as your body will try to resist it. Your ego will try and convince you that it’s silly, it’s a waste if time, what’s the point but trust me it is the key to success in all areas of your life. Being more aware of your thoughts and choosing different ones starts to create a different reality. One of TRUE ABUNDANCE. Also listen to each other, listening is a sacred art all of it’s own and your soul can grow so much from it. Keep a journal and write any memories, thoughts, emotions, feelings that are coming up, not matter how small and reflect on them the next morning during your sacred time. I would suggest doing some movement every day whether its is walking, yoga, dancing, gentle stretches….there are lots on You Tube. Adriene is great for yoga, Brett Larkin is great for kundalini (healing/ awakening) yoga. Amanda Ellis is a great, down to earth spiritual teacher from England that has some interesting life changing videos on You Tube and Shamen Durek has an amazing Podcast called Ancient Wisdom Today where you can learn so much from his solo shows from the last year and his mediations are extremely powerful if you just need some quiet time and of course I have my own new You Tube channel Light Laugh Love. I set this up to help people walk across the bridge from the physical to the emotional/spiritual side of life. To help those starting on this journey of awakening, to cut through the noise as there is so much mis-information out there and it has taken me 11 years to sift through it all but above all I want to make this stuff fun and light as well as helping people understand it has to be you doing it not someone healing you or doing it for you. It wont work that way. Take a minute to subscribe to my channel and then do the 7 days FREE CHAKRA/HORMONE BALANCE series, when you subscribe it will let you know when I get its uploaded. Spend time working with each area of the body physically and emotional, answering the journal prompts for each one. Reflect, Rest and Re-set and watch how life suddenly TRANSFORMS.

There are many different conspiracies about how the virus started, was it man made, did it originate from cruel treatment to animals, have most of us had a version of it. It came out at the weekend that it may have originated from the bat species and their caves and to be honest this was my gut feeling all along. For months I have been seeing an image of a bat a bat spirit in my minds eye and picking the bat card from my various oracle decks. All animals have a symbolic meaning and bats represent DEATH & REBIRTH energy and in particular looking at your shadow side, the part of you you don’t want to look at. Mother Earth needs to release and prepare for this birth. It’s important though that you go with the flow. As humans we have the ability to access a deeper wisdom within ourselves and this is what you are doing and its starts with becoming more AWARE, ACCESSING & learning and then making appropriate ACTION. This beautiful deck of animal cards I have called Spirit Animal Wisdom shows the bat card with a picture of the full moon with bats flying around and the words ‘listen up’. The moon represents the feminine, the dark, the shadow, the soul. The full moon is a time for release. For letting go of what no longer serves us, like a death, which was last week and a new moon is a time to create, like a re-birth. Most people don’t realise that Mother Nature gives us the amazing opportunity to RELEASE & RENEW  every 2 weeks…a whopping 24 times as year. I only learnt this when I got my wake up call and became more aware, more conscious 12 years ago. Our ancestors did, however. They connected with the cycles of the moon, they ate according to what food was in season, they never got sick much and they respected each other particularly the female. They honoured her power. They listened when she spoke. They took her lead and built from there. Now it is time for women and men to wake up to their power, to the truth of who they are. To lead from the heart, to be equal, to honour everyone and everything, to live as peaceful warriors rather than just warriors defending their throne.
Like the bat I spent most of 2019 in my cave. Resting, processing, healing, forgiving to allow my heart to open a little more each day in preparation to help others through this mass awakening. I was in my own womb, hanging upside down waiting for birth. The cave represents the womb as I am shown in almost every hands on healing session. The bat counsels us to enter the darkness ‘let the old die, spread your wings and fly on the now..reborn…stronger…wiser’. Birth is powerful and life does not exist without it. Bat teaches us we must go through death and rebirth many times. When she is hanging upside down she is preparing, dreaming and visualising until such times as she is ready to step into action. Bats live in large communities which is what we are being forced to do. They teach us to be united. Humans thrive together creating strength and a sense of belonging just like the bat but we have forgotten that. Constant separation and isolation is not good for them or us as it disrupts our balance setting us apart from the rest of creation and making us lonely but we have not been aware of this so we are being asked to go inward, to reflect on our lives, our choices. We are being stripped bare, we are being shown that we are all equal. We are being forced to hang out upside down in our own homes just like the bat does in her cave so spend this time wisely just like she does. Tell yourself “I will prepare, I will dream my desire into action. I will visualise this new world in being and it starts today”. Much Love, Leigh xx

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