2022 Energy Forecast: Walking this path together….

Let’s look at the energies for 2022 and what we can expect.
Always good to be ahead of the game.
I recorded this podcast episode 11.01.2022 which is a powerful doorway of opportunity from 111-222. The choices, decisions, words and actions made within this 4 week period from 11th January to 22nd February will set the tone for the whole year.

In January we are in a sense of completion, tying up loose ends so to speak of the 2021 energy which is why many of us are so so tired.

We have 3 energies for 2022:
1. Teamwork/ Community
2. Soul Expansion
3. Success/ Abundance
In this episode we work with the animals to see what messages are coming through for 2022.

A) Leaf Cutter Ant reminding us of working together, being patience, sleep and scratching that itch. What is niggling at you? What do you need to look at by way of the shadow that you don’t want to address?

B) Llama energy is all about soul growth and expansion with this being a 222 triple master year of expansion we are being asked to go deeper thanh ever before but the rewards will be great if we are brave enough.

C) Field Mouse is reminding us that we can do it, that success is around the corner if we think big enough and value ourselves…not letting anything or anyone dim your light.

Within these big themes we talk about co dependency, peeling back the layers to access the diamond within, filling up you cup and finding the holy grail within, stepping up into leadership, answering the call and taking a leap into the unknown.

The energy of knowing who you are and want you want will set you up for success so do whatever inner work you need to do, read that book, have that conversation, shine that light- bright and trust.

For now rest to renew.
Recalibrate these strong incoming light energies in January and a new action wave is coming in February on the back of st Brigid energy with Imbolc on 2nd February.

Rebalance the chakras of the crown, 3rd eye, throat, heart and base.
Access my free chakra course via my website below when you sign up for my newsletter on my website www.mywellbeingpal.com and stay tuned for my NEW Hormone Balance Chakra Program out in February. I used the following oracle decks;
– Spirit Animal Wisdom by Katie Jane Wright
– Archangel Metatron Self Mastery by Amanda Ellis
– Mythical Goddess Tarot by Sage Holloway

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