Generally we all have 3 aspects as women.

Our maiden (inner child) our mother (creatrix energy) and our crone (wild/wise woman self). For any men reading this you do also; the youth, the father and the sage.

My crone/soul self is fun, wild, hates like being told what to do and made fit into a box or category. She has been there all along and I just could not hear her or more like her outspoken, truth seeker, wild self was not accepted in this world of false perfection. Your soul self is there too and I want to help you connect with her so she can guide you towards the life of your dreams remembering exactly who you are and why you are here and be your full authentic self.

My maiden self or inner child hasn’t had it easy but sure who has.

I used to suffer because of this because I didn’t know another way but as Maya Angelou says, “When we know better you do better”…TO THYN OWN SELF BE TRUE.

She was an emotional eater, suffering from Bulimia at age 13, experienced anxiety, emotional outbursts & overwhelm. Constantly trying to feel love and safe so food was her comfort blanket. Her protection. Her pleasure. Her reward. Those inner children who did not feel safe enough to be seen and accepted as being different were simply suppressed but like all sticking plasters they can only hold for so long because the body wants to heal and feel good ultimately.

My mother or creatrix self really stepped into form when I left home and took control of my life.

I realised that in order to have this life that I dreamt off I needed to create it. I took a leap and supported myself through university, stepped out of my comfort zone and feelings of not being good enough and landed a great job with a well known corporate giant and spent the next 12 years climbing that corporate ladder and killing my soul in the mean time.

I partied hard, I worked hard, I ate, I didn’t eat, I trained, I didn’t train, I loved, I lost. I didn’t even realise that I didn’t know who I was or that I was so lost and unhappy until I attempted suicide at age 30. That was my first wake up call and entry into this line of work as I was put on a 12 month waiting list so I took back the control and started getting to know and healing myself.

My body had been giving me signals for years that I ignored, the physical pain of intense migraines, bloated tummy, joint pain, lack of sleep, low mood and inability to lose weight so I started listening.

I went to a food intolerance therapist in 2004, starting researching about health and food because there was not as much available then and was literally a different person inside and out. Physically my body changed and healed 80% in a short period of time through dietary changes but my mind was where I started to notice the most difference. That voice in my head was quieter.

I started going to yoga & meditation classes to help calm it further and become more present in my life but I still wasn’t 100% healed so I started energy healing therapy to heal my inner child struggles and belief system that was holding me back from being whole again.

Every day was a journey, yes it took time but boy was it worth it! I have connected to my body again, I was listening to the whispers of my soul and started to use my intuitive gifts rather than fighting them and something magical happened….I found me and my purpose and I want to help you do the same.
I have 14 years experience in Holistic Healing and Wellbeing and believe that we have 4 bodies not just one; mental, physical, emotional and spiritual so I hope you feel called to work with me and if not o good luck in your journey. 

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