Akashic Record Meditation (October Vibes)

The Akashic Records is like a book of your soul’s records. It’s an energetic database that stores all information about all choices that your soul has every made over many lifetimes. I visualise it as a book because that is the human interpretation for understanding but it goes way beyond anything that we could every comprehend from a human perspective. My belief is that we have one soul that has lived for many lifetimes and I have spent a lot of money on various healing modalities over the past 10 years and it wasn’t until I came across the Akashic Records that I was truly able to understand why abundance or optimum health was not flowing to me. There is so much information we can access in this higher realm which is irrelevant so I loved training in Soul Realignment practices because it was so logical and relevant to daily life and why we are unable to reach goals or stick to commitments. In this meditation you get to ask a question or gain clarity on an area of your life that your are stuck on. Give this time to present itself. If you are not being shown in the meditation then it’s not the right time or more things need to play out. Take note of the symbolism and dreams being presented over the coming days and piece it altogether like a jigsaw. If you would like to book an Akashic Record ‘Soul Realignment’ clearing with go to my website www.mywellbeingpal.com. Enjoy xx

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