August 2023 ‘Time to release the old to MANIFEST the new’

Welcome to my August energy update where I intuitively look at the energies for the month ahead in conjunction with oracle & tarot and astrology. Please note I am not an astrologer but love to use it as a tool so always research and read further using the links and information from the experts below.

When I think of August I think of POWER.

It’s a powerhouse of a month.

We start off the month with a super full moon in Aquarius on the 1st alongside Lughnasa which is the 1st harvest allowing us to bring into fruition the fruits of our labour over the past 12 months.

Then the lions gate portal peaks on the 8th which is a combination of ancient astrology, cosmology and numerology all connected to a celestial alignment known as a trinity of alignment between the star Sirius, Earth, the Orion constellation and the pyramids of Giza. This alignment creates an opening of energy, a portal or doorway of manifestation of high frequency light codes.

Pyramids are a symbol of protection, enlightenment, self awareness and spiritual growth, amplifying energy to help us grow, heal and evolve in our life.

As discussed in this energy reading I have channelled a powerful 8/8 Lion Gate ACTIVATION which you can purchase with a small donation below as an energy exchange. The activation itself is about an hour long to be done any time in the month of August. It contains powerful healing codes, reiki healing energy and shamanic tools to prepare, clean and activate your 4 bodies to manifest and step into that higher version/ Soul led version of you essentially allowing you to RISE like the STAR you are as we all came from stardust.

If you would like to receive powerful Lions Gate 8/8 Healing Activation click the link below ⬇️

Lion’s Gate 8/8 ACTIVATION

I discuss ascension symptoms that some of you may be experiencing like sleep disturbances, headaches, aches and pain and high emotions along with solar flares and why we are experiencing so many of them now than ever before as the sun reaches its 11 year cycle in 2024. See the link below from Elizabeth Peru explaining this better.


“I always remain honest and true to myself. I have a plan and trust myself to walk the right path”

“I am a miracle worker. Love is vibrating in all aspects of my being. I transform negative energy. I release the past and move forward with love. I attract inner peace and great joy every day in many ways. I see the bigger picture”

“Love is my greatest superpower and I give it freely. I am loved, loving and lovable”

General Themes;

– Magic Manifesting (August is a powerful to manifest)
– Communicate your needs, wants and desires and get a weight off your chest
– Be your authentic self and show the world the REAL you
– Healing the solar plexus ‘divine masculine’ and confidence are the keys to success
– Balance spirituality and practicality
– Stepping into your purpose
– Closing a 10 year cycle
– Entering the Ibis and getting comfortable being uncomfortable facing what you haven’t be able or willing to before
– Being the observer and seeing from that higher point of view
– Dreams and wishes being fulfilled but with daily consistent inspired action
– Justice Beijing served and the scales becoming balanced- karma cleared
– Free yourself you have had the key all along
– Balancing masculine and feminine energies
– Death and rebirth
– Joy and fun
– Stay grounded and be mindful of diet and movement to flush the old to allow the new

If you would like to book an Akashic Records Clearing Session or Soul Self Mastery 1:1 session online or in person or enquire about the next round of the hormone balance visit my website below


Love Leigh xx

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