If you are interested in buying a kit for you and your family these are your options depending on your budget.  I literally use these oils now instead of medication, vitamins, skin care, deodorant and shower gel so have saved a fortune in the long run.

1. Family Essentials  / 5ml btls / £112.75

This is the perfect starter sample kit containing the top 10 oils for physical and emotional wellbeing & health.  The free booklet is an amazing resource and the beadlets are 1/2  drop of the On guard and Air oils in a veggie capsule that you take internally for your immune system, tummy problems and any respiratory conditions.  Perfect for the handbag!

2. Aromatouch Diffused Kit / 5 ml btls/ £151.00

This one is a fab starter kit to make your own supportive blends and it also contains the diffuser to use throughout the day in work, during homework time or whilst sleeping.

3. Essential Aromatics Diffuser Kit / 5ml btls / £163.50 (SAVE £40)

This is the perfect self care kit to help you work through your emotional guidance system which we are not taught as children.  When we struggle to deal with emotions these oils help us to shift up a vibration to be more present with ourselves and release them.  There is an oil for motivation, cheer, passion, forgiveness, consoling and feeling at peace plus you get the fab Lumo diffuser that stays on all night at your bedside.

4. Home Essentials Kit / 15ml btls/ £238

This is the most commonly sold kit because it contains 15ml bottles (3 times the 5ml ones in the other kits) and lasts much longer.  Each bottle contains 250 drops of pure essential oils unlike other oil brands out there.  You have your top 10 oils, the booklet and a diffuser so you have every thing you need for family health eg asthma, IBS, headaches, immune system, anxiety, insomnia, hormones, focus, energy, skin etc.

5. Natural Solutions Kit / 15ml btls / £561

Now if I was to start over and buy my 1st kit (which I cannot lol!) this is the one I would invest in for TOTAL BODY TRANSFORMATION. You have your top 10 oils (mentioned above), other popular oils like Wild Orange (abundance), Aromatouch (massage/stress), Balance (anxiety), Serenity (sleep), Past Tense (tension)…the On Guard toothpaste, hand wash, dispensers, soft gels, beadlets, vitamins for lifelong vitality, probiotics, shampoo & conditioner, Fractionated Coconut Oil to make blends, skincare etc, Deep Blue rub (my fav), wooden box to store the oils in and the fab Lumo diffuser.

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