Who is ready to give back to the self and spend a day with HER to HEAL, ELEVATE & REBALANCE


Take some time out for you on this special Saturday afternoon and enjoy this mini retreat experience on Saturday 8th October. This 4 hr workshop, set in the gorgeous Studio52 in Belfast will help you connect with HER. To Heal, Elevate & Rebalance.
Join me for some teachings, relaxation, exploration and reflection where you will learn which hormone glands and chakras are out of balance, enjoy gentle hormone flow yoga, experience sacred cacao plant based medicine and be taken on a healing meditation journey with your soul.

  • ELEVATE the mind; learning about hormones and chakras using my unique formula to ascertain which ones are out of balance for you
  • RESTORATIVE yin yoga flow practice 
  • NOURISH with a cup of ceremonial chocolate cacao
  • HEAL with a powerful meditation journey
  • GROUND and INTEGRATE with some yummy vegan snacks and herbal teas through
  • Leave feeling EMPOWERED and CLEAR on your next steps with a 50 page recipe & information booklet to continue with a home practice
A little bit about me

My name is Leigh, an intuitive wellbeing coach & teacher and founder of The Hormone Balance Chakra Program guiding women back to wholeness and balance body, mind & soul.

I am trained in Holistic Nutrition, Hatha Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, Integrated Energy Therapist, Akashic records practitioner, Shamanic practitioner, essential oils advocate and Ceremonial Cacao facilitator.  I eat, sleep and dream this stuff having hit rock bottom 14 years ago with no where to turn I went inwards and got to know me.  Why my mood went up and down, why I couldn’t sleep, why my tummy was always bloated, why I suffered migraines, why my weight fluctuated, why I felt lost with no purpose. I had no idea that I had 4 bodies; physical, mental, emotional & spiritual (soul body) and that they all needed to work with each other like a perfect symphony of cells or cogs on a wheel to bring me back to wholeness.


Background to the workshop

I have studied the 4 bodies relentlessly for the last 14 years, having worked with over 3000 women on a one to one basis and over 100 in online groups. When lockdown descended I knew I had to share this knowledge and expertise to help other women just like me but to sort of short cut as there is information overload out there. I set the intention to create a program that would give the same benefits of a 1:1 session with me but that would be a) be super effective and b) cost effective. As women we are all different but we are all the same also. We are powerful like that. We are simple but yet intricate. We are delicate but yet fierce. Now it is time to own it all for ourselves, our family, our future generations. We have to lead the way if we have learnt anything in the last 2 years. We are our own queens just like the honey bee are all queen bees, we just have to help each other straighten our crowns and get back into the world. This is why the support of a group is crucial, learning the knowledge that is specific to you and your body, mind & soul, the time away (like a mini retreat to really feel the effects so some simple techniques in the moment) but still manageable within our busy schedules so we can juggle life as that we what queens do.
Why now

For years I worked with ladies day in and day out with various symptoms

From skin problems, IBS, depression and fertility to insomnia, anxiety, migraines, joint pain and weight gain in my clinic testing for food intolerances and I came across a unique formula that could group these symptoms into areas of the body connected with a specific hormone gland and consequently a corresponding energy centres called the chakras. For years we have been able to ignore the emotional and spiritual body but now it’s like the body and mind is saying enough is enough. Like a child screaming please hear and see me the tantrum of your soul will not quiet down until you see and hear her.

This workshop does exactly what it says on the tin.

Now I am going to be honest here, you can not heal it all in 4 hours but what I will do is give you all the tools and practices so that you have a plan of action as you leave feeling empowered and hopeful with your crown firmly straightened on top of your head.


The Details

Now it is time to reclaim our mastery in 2022 as 2 is the ‘master builder’.  To seek guidance, knowledge and learnings yes but ultimately it is you that makes that choice every day to show up, to practice using the tools, to bee your own queen and remember who you are.
This workshop will give you all the guidance, all the knowledge, all the learnings, mine and 100+ others who have followed this formula but ultimately you show up.  It is up to you.  We have four bodies as I have said so lets take the time in these 4 hours together to understand yours and what they need from you and do not need.

• Physical Body; Let’s understand the body from a Holistic Nutrition basis, what our hormones are and how they communicate with us.  Why our body just simply cannot loose that excess weight, the bloated tummy, the bouts of anxiety that simply come and go at the most awkward times, the signs the body send us via dry skin, headaches, coughs & colds and PMS. 
‣ I have developed a questionnaire that will allow you to understand which hormone glands and energy centres (chakras are out of balance for you personally). Me and my team will be on hand to help you complete it and have a plan of action as you leave so you have an action plan.
‣ This will be followed with some gentle hormone flow yoga where we really focus on the breath and a gentle yin practice to shift energy immediately.
• Mental Body; We will explore the art of journaling so you can learn to have a two way conversation with your inner child, your mother self, your priestess and your soul self who just knows the answers to all you seek.
• Emotional Body; Join me in a healing meditation after a ceremonial cup of cacao (mama earth’s plant medicine that balances hormones and connects you top your feminine energy).
• Spiritual Body; Throughout the journalling, yoga & meditation you will connect with your soul self, your higher self, you true authentic self in this sacred space that you have set aside and invested in for you. I will simply hold a safe space and container for you to her and connected with her and gain clarity on the nest steps.

I will have snacks and herbal teas available through to help ground and integrate this energy and the powerful revelations that you may have as you start a fresh on this powerful New Moon which is all about new beginnings, fresh starts and action.

Sign me up!

As a reminder what you will receive fully from my heart to yours; 

1. Information on the hormone glands and chakra energy centres and how to balance them yourself
2. Understanding of your menstrual cycle and how to use it to your advantage
3. Personalised questionnaire on which hormone glands and chakras are out of balance for you
4. Hormone flow yoga sequence to balance the 4 bodies
5. Meditation healing journey to meet the parts of you that want to come home
6. Cup of ceremonial Cacao to balance body, mind & soul and welcome in the feminine energy of Mother Earth
7. Health plant based snacks, herbal teas & water provided through
8. Support on hand throughout the day if any questions or queries arise
9. You will leave with clarity, balance, calmness and hope for the future 
10. 50 page recipe & information booklet along with a toxin free guide to make your own recipes at home

I am truly honoured and excited to bring you this in person workshop after 5 years of not doing in person events.
Leigh xx
Intuitive Wellbeing Coach & Teacher