Winter Solstice

Yule Ceremony

Let’s come together and celebrate the end of 2022 and the return of your light!

We are now in the energy leading up to the winter solstice otherwise known as Yule, meaning wheel so as the wheel turns from 2022 to 2023 what is in store for you.
It’s been a year of expansion and reflection, a year of endings and beginnings, a year of loss and re-birth, a year of humility I am hearing, of daily sacred practice, of going inward.
Whether you have felt those energies or not there will have been signposts, clarity moments, revelations of how you do not want to live your live, whether you are seeing the path ahead clearly or not it does not matter because it’s all part the grander plan.
This year I took a 3rd group of wonderful ladies through my year long priestess mastery mentorship, where they are emerging more whole in themselves, more connected than ever before.
Every year there are 8 seasons, 8 energies, known as turnings of the wheel, the Celtic wheel and for this last one I would like to invite you all to join in ceremony online, in the comfort of your own homes because really it is that simple. All that is required is a spark of interest, a spark of joy, a spark of light to ignite those flames internally and externally and that is what coming together in circle, in a sacred ceremony will do and is the perfect way to close a year.
This will take place on zoom on Wednesday 21st December at 7.30pm and you can attend LIVE or catch the REPLAY afterwards as the energy is exactly the same. In fact I find the replay works better for some people rather than the as I prefer to do it when the time feels right.
Every 6 weeks we experience the change of season, the turning of the wheel, the shift in energy, whether you are conscious or not so why not honour this time of year in yourself and for those around you rather than the usual rushing around.
This time of year is all about the ‘RETURN OF YOUR LIGHT’
It has been dimmed for so so long but that spark is still there ready to be ignited.
The word Christmas is a fairly new word, it comes from the combination of the words, ‘Christ’ and Mass’.  The word Christ comes from the Greek word ‘Christos’ which comes from the Hebrew meaning ‘Messiah’.  Yule was the name used before Christmas, which celebrated the winter solstice.  It happens every year on 21st December which is the day with the shortest amount of sunlight and therefore the longest night and then every day after that there will be more light as the sun returns, allowing that light within to guide you and ignite your inner fire. The return of the sun, the return of the son – see the similarities.
If Samhain, at Halloween, was about the death of what no longer serves us and the world, then Yule, Christmas or the Winter Solstice is about the RE-BIRTH but before any birth we must be in the void, our inner winter, our darkness or shadow to embrace our feminine, our emotions, what we have kept hidden or suppressed for whatever reason.  Whether you are male or female we will still had a shadow, an inner winter from which to emerge with a renewed sense of hope and a return of your light to help guide you in 2023.  This is why many will get sick at this time of year to make us rest and release as we are always doing so join me in honouring this time, honouring you and the return of your light as we celebrate the return of your light and birth of the sun (our new divine masculine selves) and the son (birth of Christ).
Yule means wheel and comes from the Yule Tree, which is based on the TREE OF LIFE, which originates from the FLOWER OF LIFE symbol associated with creation.  This is why we put trees up in our homes at this time of year.  The tree of life is the inter-connectedness of all things, connecting us to heaven and earth, the tree is a universal symbol of strength and growth as they spread their roots deep in the earth for stabilisation and can weather the toughest of storms but they are also connected to death and rebirth as they lose their leaves.  In ancient times people would decorate their trees with gifts they wanted to receive so we are going to honour this tradition during this special ceremony.
So what is a ceremony?
A sacred container or ritualistic event with a divine purpose that has the power to transform, shift and change your life- ceremonies create SACRED ANCHORS and are a forgotten art that mark moments of change at certain choice points.  If we are conscious of them we can use them and the energy of the season to altar or change what is in our lives as ultimately we have the power and always have done.  This is why I encourage my clients to create altars but at this time of year our homes are one big altar with our festive decorations and I want to be your guide to help you understand the symbolism and how to use it to direct your life at this time through this powerful Winter Solstice/Yule Ceremony Activation & Healing Meditation.
Understanding the Symbolism at this time!
Whether you join me or not I would encourage you to connect with the symbolism of this time and be more mindful as you decorate your home, as you give and receive gifts and as you find time for you soul self care.  One of the most popular symbols at this time of year is Santa Claus, which is based on the Celtic Stag or Holy King in ancient times, also known as ‘Cerunnos’ or the ‘Green Man’ the God of Fertility and life force energy, which is why we see stags everywhere at Christmas. Stags are connected to the senses, to stillness, to intuition but also to be the hunter or huntress and not the hunted.  Tracking down your fears and desires and facing them head on, no more suppressing or avoiding as it is causing us DIS_EASE in our bodies.  Allow whatever fears need to surface over the next 4 weeks and be present with them, you don’t need to heal, fix or change.  Simply acknowledge and I will help you during this Winter Solstice Ceremony as the energy builds an culminates on 21st December….
Event Details
Join me on Wednesday 21st December for this Sacred Solstice Ceremony as we activate The Return of your Light from 7.30-9pm.
Sign up here for only £22 and you will receive;

1. Video guidance on how to create an Altar at home pre the Winter Solstice ‘Yule’ Event. This will allow you to get intentional on what you are ready to MANIFEST or CREATE and as a result what you are ready to let go of to make room for the new. Like a 3D mood board if you like. I will teach you how to use this technique over and over again.

2. Links on where to buy Ceremonial Cacao and a ‘how to guide’ on how to make it (Optional) if you want to make some for our ceremony. Mama Cacao wants to work with you to heal and expand your heart to help you create your own reality.

3. Light-Code Activation channeled through me from source that can be received LIVE or on the REPLAY.  Our body has gathered up much heavy and dense energy living in this 3D (physical body) reality or sleepy state.  As we awaken consciously we enter a 4D vibration and we start to cleanse and detox and allow in more light, essentially activating our light body or soul self.  These channeled activations, meditations and ceremonies create that SACRED safe space or vessel to allow you to stop, get intentional and receive new light codes to help you with moving forward in your life towards your dreams and desires to make them a reality.

4. Chakra Energy System & Hormonal Re-Balance to help you move and flush this dense energy around and out of your 4 bodies (physical, mental, emotional & spiritual)

5. Meditation to help you integrate these new energies into you 4 body system so you are fully grounded in reality.
 I am looking forward to connecting with you at this special time of year.  Exciting things are ahead.
Leigh xx

Only £22