How to balance your Masculine and Feminine energies

Do you sometimes ever feel like screaming at top of your voice??

Truth Bomb.

Me too.  It feels as if the whole world has gone mad when really its always been this way, just under the surface and it’s all coming up to heal to re-balance.

This is known as the distorted or unhealthy masculine and feminine energy that wants released and accepted.

We live in a world of co dependency in our relationships, of not trusting that inner knowing (female intuition) that is always there, that always knows what’s best. So when the truth is revealed (the truth that we always knew) we resist it. We fight it for fear of isolation, rejection from herd or being left out in the cold when really that is the best place to go to reset.

This is known as the void.

And we A-Void it big time.

When we do the internal work on ourselves and listen to our nudges life flows but if you ignore those little nuggets of wisdom it may feel as if it’s all coming crashing down because whatever you desire and set attention on it’s universal law that the universe must bring that to you so everything not in alignment must go and then what feels like an injustice is a blessing.

If you have worked with me at all you will know I talk about the death/rebirth energy and how we constantly go through this process as we work on ourselves spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally and as much as we can fantasise, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns…

When we call in more, when we start to make steps to not let our past define us.  The old patterns and beliefs that can be so engrained must come up to the surface to go and this can stop us in our tracks sometimes if we resist and avoid what’s right in front of us.

It’s meant to….it’s called being in your feminine energy, your shadow self. The feminine energy is connected to the moon, the dark, that which we avoid when really the only way is through. The only way is to trust the dark, trust the unknown and for those of us scared of the dark this can seem hard but so is standing still and accepting or going back.

So how can you recognise this?

If we avoid  it can feel like a heaviness, a tiredness in your body that last days or weeks as new energy comes in to actually help you gain clarity. This energy can be likened to light codes, downloads, support from the higher realms (higher self, God, angels, ancestors – whatever resonates with you). These new codes come in to help you face the challenges ahead, to help you change those ancestral or karmic patterns that keep playing out and causing misalignment. To help and rise up through the darkness or heavy time period your in to shift from blame/shame/anger/frustration to awareness, compassion, understanding so you can learn the lessons and ultimately integrate that wounded/lost part of you so you become whole and attract abundance on all levels.

This is what’s known as being in your feminine cave or hive I like to call it as it fits quite well with The Honey Temple Podcast.  Sometimes we can predict this as women when we tune into our cycle as we start to enter this period post ovulation during our pre menstrual phase. You will know as your body will crave rest and solitude and if you ignore the signs you will become irritable and frustrated with those around you.

This process is not pretty as we have been taught to fix, to call the doctor and get a pill, to stick a plaster over the pain but we must surrender to the divine feminine energy within us and feel it all to allow anything misaligned to go.  It’s during this time that the ego, the inner child, the over active mind will try and protective us from feeling so you may notice old patterns/ behaviours coming to the surface that you thought you had dealt with but really you just stuck a plaster over them. Feelings of not being good enough, of feeling like a bad person, of wanting to hide or blame others. It can literally feel like a death in so many ways as it is, a death of the ego, of the distorted masculine & feminine so the balanced divine masculine and feminine can RISE like the Phoenix from the flames….

Holding a feminine space for yourself whether you are male or female is not something we have been taught, let alone encouraged or embraced. The feminine governs the emotional and spiritual body which is like that old book left on the shelf that no one can understand and or dare to try. The masculine energy is governed by the physical and mental body which we know well but now since the 2020 wake up call which has called in BALANCE, all that is not in alignment with that balance of body, mind and soul must go.

So how can we understand the Divine Masculine Energy and Divine Feminine Energy?

Well there are actually two other categories. Distorted (unhealthy) Masculine and Distorted (unhealthy) Feminine Energy.

No matter our gender or the gender we identify with we are all made of energy which can be defined as masculine and feminine.

We are in the decade of duality which started in 2020 and for the next 10 years we have an opportunity for massive growth, healing and expansion. Everything is dualistic in this world like masculine and feminine, black and white, good and bad, logic and intuition, control and freedom etc.

You may have noticed much talk of the rise of the feminine energy over the past while…where Mary Magdalene is being acknowledged as just as powerful a healer as Jesus was and her teachings and powerful divine feminine energy is now ready for collective understanding & acceptance. To read further into this subject I suggest reading the book Mary Magdalene Revealed by Meggan Watterson.

For years the feminine energy has been disrespected, dishonoured and dominated by the wounded masculine and of course patriarchy and as a result the world is out of balance so as 2020 was the year of balance this has brought chaos up to the surface so that it go so balance and harmony could take its place, bringing heaven to earth.

So how does this relate to you?

Well it’s actually all about you! Goodness I remember being told the opposite as a child. I am going to list the characteristics so you can see which ones you identify best with. Understand that we all have an unhealthy, wounded, distorted masculine and feminine aspect that comes from the ego, the inner child, a place of fear, shame, darkness and this leads to pain either emotionally or physically and ego doesnt want to be pain free.

So what do we do… we simply need to shine a light on this darkness, this shadow and have awareness as when we know better we do better…as Maya Angelou says.

Divine Feminine:
• She is gentle but with strong graceful boundaries
• She is loving, empathetic, compassionate & supportive
• She asks for what she needs
• She is vulnerable & authentic
• She’s not afraid to speak her heart with no shame
• She is in flow
• She trusts
• She surrenders
• She is intuitive and listens from the heart
• She creates & manifests
• She is confident in her body and her femininity

Distorted Feminine:
• She is insecure
• She needs validation
• She is critical of loved ones
• She is needy in relationships
• She is unable to control her emotions
• She is manipulative
• She controls so she doesn’t lose
• She over connects & over shares
• She feels like a victim
• She sacrifices own needs over others
• She is inauthentic
• She has no boundaries or self control

Divine Masculine:
• He is a man of his word; honest & accountable
• He is humble & has integrity
• He is grounded
• He is very present & listens
• He is non judgemental
• He is safe
• He is non reactive (doesn’t take things personally)
• He is a guiding force
• He is disciplined & focused

Distorted Masculine:
• He fears failure
• He is competitive & needs to win
• He avoids connection & is distant
• He needs to be right
• He is focused on goals & attached to success
• He defends himself a lot
• He is aggressive
• He is critical
• He is judgemental
• He is narcissistic & selfish
• He can’t listen/ stuck in the mind
• He’s not in touch with his emotions
• He has addictions; work, alcohol, tv, phone etc
• He needs to control & is unflexible (unhealthy internal feminine)

So I’m sure you can see some some of your traits within all of them and please don’t judge yourself. Simply start with awareness of the distorted or unhealthy masculine and feminine characteristics you are feeding or giving attention to and start working on them.

1. Print this out and tick what is relevant for you to see what is your dominant energy so you can know who you are and wear that crown with pride.
2. If you have a partner as him/her to do the same like a quiz.
3. Then be conscious about changing your behaviour through awareness.
4. Do daily check ins with yourself at the start and/or end of each day.
5. Book an energy session to help you clear deep rooted patterns.
6. Be the leader in your own life and read. Read more on this subject or the specific distorted ones you have identified.
7. Be aware of your triggers. Those around you will mirror back to you these traits so be the change maker.

If like me you are predominately feminine understand that your emotions are your super power and you must be careful not to stay in the mind too much and come into the heart. If not, you could feel lonely and isolated and even stay in unhealthy relationships.

Start to really practice daily these tools :
• Meditation
• Journaling
• Taking naps
• Having a good cry
• Dancing
• Screaming
• Creating a sacred daily practice as a vessel for release
• Understand that your feelings are like a portal to your intuition- your internal navigation system is giving you feedback so you need to create a space to listen, to feel to understand so you have the foresight and not the hindsight to respond from there.
• Giving will put you in action and call back your power its why I do this podcast and my Instagram posts
• Stop asking others from advice as this is giving your power away (big one for me as I always felt others knew more when really all the answers are within)
• Get creative – sacral chakra (emotional centre) I mad a Easter tree with eggs
• Boundaries – trust your gut/ i have ignore this big time as I didnt want to offend and then you offend anyways

If you are, on the other hand predominantly masculine then you need to do the following or like me a bit of both;

• Move your body regularly (body work is crucial)
• Have a purpose – new hobby, new program ( I will doing one final Hormone Balance Chakra Program live with me starting 28th April for 8 weeks where we focus on all of these; meditation, yoga & movement, journaling, nutrition etc). Message me to be added to the waiting list.
• Look at you diet and treat the body as a temple
• Set intentions more than goals but not wishes as they are too watery and have not accountability.
• Understand you have a lot of energy and this needs channeled into something positive – this is why we can suppress with alcohol, food, tv, phones etc
• Also choose who you hang out with carefully so you don’t have to be the life and soul of the party all the time – choose your friends according to how much value they add to your life not how much you add to them
• Your a natural leader so think big and dream big. Others may not be, so don’t judge. People may feel intimidated because you are a doer so don’t try and fix, convince or change them. Inspire them. Own the leader that you are and keep shining bright. Keep being the lighthouse.
• Shift energy daily so you don’t get bored and hold onto heavinesss
• Hustle without being burnt out
• Don’t give too much if you are not receiving in return
• Get comfortable watching people make mistakes and don’t rush into help as that disempowers them and they don’t learn

The feminine energy flows like a river, sometimes with countless twists and turns, sometimes quiet and patient and at another times strong and fearless.

The core of feminine energy is a creation out of thin air. She is magnetic and magic comes to her…this comes from her soul and knowing who she is…she isn’t scared of her shadow self and is guided by her higher self…she doesn’t put God or anyone else on a pedestal because he/she is within her always and everyone around her is simply a reflection of her.

She understands her need to express herself through words, writing and creating when the time is right within her cycle.

She also knows when its time to let go of the old and clear space for the new to come in via people, activity, old habits, patterns etc..

She also knows when it is time to rest, to slow down as new energy comes in to help her with her desires.

She doesn’t suppress her emotions. She listens to her triggers via the pain and processes the lesson not blaming anyone.

As my daughter shouted out the word ‘circle’ over breakfast this morning and spelt it perfectly I knew it was a sign of the feminine….

The feminine energy is not linear, we think in a circular motion, it’s not about getting from A to B but rather its about how to get to any destination that is in fact destined so we trust the universe to guide us.

Understand that this is simply a process of becoming whole & complete like the circle, like the egg (Easter/Mary Mag/ creation)

When fully balanced in our divine masculine and feminine energy we can create & nourish healthy, successful relationships and this is mirrored in our world and this is ultimately how we create change by simple starting with ourselves and looking in our own mirror…

To listen to this in audio format or to do the kundalini meditation that compliments it access The Honey Temple Podcast here and please subscribe so you get a notification of when I upload the next episode.

Much Love
Leigh xx

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