Is My Hormone Balance Chakra Program right for you?

Ohhh has anyone felt the mystical change of the seasons as we fully enter October 2020 as the mist and fog descends and our bodies start to turn inward and prepare for the winter months? Many people are consciously becoming more aware in 2020 that they are more than their physical body, more than their minds and thoughts and that they have access to a much higher wisdom and intuition but the questions I am being asked are. How? What’s the process? What daily habits do I adopt in my life to connect more with myself? How can I add another task into my already busy lifestyle? How do manage these cravings? How can I loose the weight and keep it off? Can I heal my physical pain? What do I get such low moods?

So I decided to LAUNCH THE SOLUTION and would share access to me EVERY DAY for 8 full weeks because I have been working on this stuff for 7 years and believed I have it mastered to a fine art. My dream is to help women know, understand, listen to their body’s messages and fully accept them selves so I have created a program that I wish I had when going through this experience of awakening and understanding self. I intend to put my all into this program, transferring all of my skills and knowledge as a Holistic Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, Integrated Energy Therapist, Feminine Energy ‘thought leader’ and Intuitive channel to bring you my NEW Hormone Balance Chakra ‘8 week’ ONLINE Program.

I have worked with over 2000 clients on a one to one basis for the last 7 years and can safely say that we can’t just heal through the physical alone we need to understand the emotional blocks and links so both the hormone glands and the chakra energy centres need to addressed and brought back into balance in tandem and this can take time. The female body needs a gentle female approach with commitment and understanding. My heart is wide open as I have healed so much of this within myself and can truly say I have worn the t-shirt. I have hit rock bottom and have pulled myself back up again, I know what it feels to experience deep deep loneliness and feel judgement from others but how to keep going and understand this is all part of the remembering of who I really am and being comfortable in my own skin.

During lockdown 2020 I made a big decision, which didn’t make sense to me at the time but felt right so I just trusted it…to not see any more clients face to face. All sorts of fears and questions came up but I have learnt to trust this inherent WISDOM and POWER  that is within me (and is within you) and go with it and I am glad I did. What I found was that seeing my clients face to face on a monthly basis was not serving them or me. It was creating a co dependency that they needed me to ‘heal’ them, to bring them back into balance each month, to fix them which is impossible and was all an illusion. Each person came into my room drained and bounced out on a high but that ‘lust for life’ quickly faded after a week.
So why? They needed the knowledge, the tools, the techniques, the daily protocols, the commitment and accountability to do it for themselves and as much as I gave them detailed lists and plans ‘life simply got in the way’.
So I was guided to create a methodology to help women on a daily and weekly basis to FEEL EMPOWERED for their own health and wellbeing but still allow them to do the majority in their own time and within their schedule but with me always there if you need me. This is a LIVE group with me at the helm….but you can dip in and out of it as I will be running the program 4 times a year.  Think of me as ‘your accountability coach’!

In order to show up FULLY like this I made another BIG DECISION to not take on anymore 1:1 clients so I can put all my FOCUS, ENERGY and KNOWLEDGE into this group coaching program and its going to be EPIC so I invite you to join me.

Click through to the link below, read, listen, sit with it in your heart and do what feels right for you. Start now trusting your gut, your intuition, your inner voice with this and simply do what feels right. If its not the right time that is ok too as I will be doing another one in January 2021. Don’t question that first answer you get. Place you left hand on you heart and TRUST the answer. Don’t worry about the how, don’t worry that you have signed up for programs before and failed or just didn’t have time. This is not like any other program you have done before because it’s firmly written from the heart and connected to divine feminine energy as its source so there is no failing only HER.


Are you ready to start this journey to self or want to read more…..Click on HER.

I hope to see you there…Sending much love 💕
Leigh xx

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