Let’s Rise Together in 2020

It’s Valentines Day 2020 as I sit and write this with one of my greatest loves on my knee…my wee dog Leo. For those who may not know my background, I am an Intuitive Wellbeing Coach, a fully qualified holistic nutritionist, food intolerance therapist, Hatha yoga teacher, integrated energy/reiki healing therapist and Doterra essential oils wellness advocate.  So what I mean by intuitive..well we all have an intuition, that gut feeling, that knowing about something.  When we are born we instinctively knew as babies when we were hungry, tired or needed our nappies changed.  However as we grow up we loose that sense of self, that connection to soul as I call it because we get told by our parents when we are hungry, when we need to sleep, what we need to wear etc.  This can become very confusing as we start to distrust and doubt ourselves so we loose our intuition gradually over time and become disconnected with our true selves.  When clients come to me to help them with a physical or mental condition they end up going right to the source of the problem which is generally a deep discontentment and lack of love with the selfish what better day than today to talk about LOVE because if we cannot love ourselves we wont be able to love anyone else.

My role essentially is a facilitator to your own healing process…I don’t call myself a healer because that assumes that you are broken and in need of fixing.  I simply hold the space, I tune into my intuition whilst my soul then connects with yours and the energy around you to guide you to peace, love, contentment, happiness…whatever you want to achieve.

So what is soul? I see the soul as who we were when we first arrived here, that beautiful pristine diamond that came down from heaven, the universe or divine (whatever term you use) into your mother’s womb.  Then what happens is life, it’s heavy, dense and stressful down here so we get hurt, we build a wall of protection, then another layer as we are not taught about our emotional guidance system growing up because or parents weren’t either and therefore how to release emotions so we store trauma, stress, pain, anger, hurt and then we get sick.  We take medication to mask the symptom (which I am not against) which in turns needs to be increased as its starts to become less effective over time (because its not treating the source), then our bodies become toxic from the chemicals and we think the original pain has been healed as a deeper one has taken its place and the hamster wheel continues.  Therefore what I specialise in is bringing you back to soul, to source, to wholeness but in order to do that we have to lift one layer at a time because most of us have many layers of trauma, stress and negative imprints gathered up over many years. The issue is, we have been taught that emotions are not good.  We have been told that we are either a good girl or boy if we get angry or sad so we suppress them with additive foods, drinks, habits etc when if we just felt them and became more present and mindful in any given moment the symptoms would ease.  I am testament to that.  I wont go into my own story here as that for another post but I have been through quite a lot in my life but I always had this inner knowing that there was a reason and it didn’t need to be this way that times were changing, that the world was waking up.  That women had a place in society, that we were powerful beyond measure but not to over power men but to rise together men and women raising strong but peaceful warrior children.  Children that would challenge, that would use their intuition, their internal guidance system to tell them if someone wasn’t being truthful, if the man in the park was a predator and to keep walking to say no when their gut feeling told them so for that reason and that alone.  Why do we need another?  Why does there always have to be an immediate solution?

How about we simply slow down, tune into our intuitive side, which is actually known as the feminine aspect.  Yes both males and females have a left and right brain…a female and male side and we need to start recognising that we have both and utilising them for the health, wealth and success of this planet and our future.  Let me explain further, energetically, the left side of our body is governed by the female, our intuitive side, the part of us that can instinctively sense danger, is more connected with soul and it’s slower because of it’s fast awareness.  Ask any woman walking into a room with their children, they will know where they all are at each time, they will know that the lady on the left by the window has a lovely swan blouse on, they will know that there is a draft coming from somewhere so there must be a door or window open so I need to watch the little one who disappears easily, they will know food is coming by the smell around …you get my point the list goes one.  In order to utilise this powerful energy we need to first be aware of it by being more present, more still, more quiet and spend time in nature to connect with that innate rhythm flowing through us.  But why is nature so important, well many centuries ago we all lived according to nature. We simply ate foods that were growing at the time, we didn’t use clocks or watches to tell the time, we tuned into the seasons, the moon and ultimately listened to our bodies more because we didn’t have so many distractions. These distractions such as phones, junk food, alcohol, Netflix etc have caused disconnection and they are not going away soon, if anything there will be more choices so its up to us to connect back to our innate wisdom and find some balance.  The masculine energy (let me remind you both remains present in males and females) is governed by the right side of the body and as much as we need to know when to slow down we also need to know when to push forward, when to use the energy and move forward with a goal but its ok to stop and reflect and change course if we need to using the feminine energy.  Most of us over utilise our masculine energy living in this fast packed world and each one of us needs to make a concerted effort to stop pushing so much at times otherwise we will get sick and I don’t mean a wee cold, I mean very very sick.  We have been taught all the wrong things, we have been taught that we need to work hard to succeed, that we do a job whether we like it or not, that we can’t have it all, that money is a bad word, that we have to put others first before ourselves so we feel disconnected and distract ourselves because this has caused misalignment within.  There is so much innate wisdom stored up inside each and everyone of us that if we just slowed down sometimes and tapped into it the answer to the problem would come to us.

So when do we know when to slow down and when to push? Well it’s a little bit easier for women as we operate within a monthly cycle so our bodies encourage us to go inwards during the pre menstrual and menstrual stages but do we do this…no as not many women know this.  I will be talking about this more in my new Hormone Balance online video course so stay posted if you are interested.  Essentially the phases of the moon also communicate with us…Every month there is a new moon (time for beginnings and doing) and there is a full moon (time to reflect and let go) and our cycles are meant to compliment these earthly occurrences.  We haven’t been taught that we need to listen to our bodies but it gives us signs before we get sick.  Our bodies are constantly talking to us and we ignore them until it starts screaming at us and then we are forced to stop. Symptoms like headaches can be avoiding something, feeling guilt, frustration, sinus pain can be irritability, throat pain holding something in, chest, heart and lungs feeling of grief and holding onto things, back pain not feeling supported, knee pain not being able to move forward and many more.  Most of my clients have had symptoms that have gotten worse over time like 10-15 years and I am able to go back and pinpoint when it started and 9 times of 10 it has always been an emotional upset showing as the source which is why I get great results.  You can do this yourself by slowing down and getting to know you…the real you…connect with that beautiful inner child that is always with you but unfortunately we ignore him or her because again we haven’t been taught this.

I will never forget the first time I went for a energy healing session and the therapist said wow there are so many of you around wanting integrated and I was like ‘what on earth is she talking about!…me, who, where lol’ All joking aside this stuff is real because I do this 5 times a day in my clinic and people are truly finding and loving who they are because they are facing that lost part of them and accepting them and welcoming them back into their heart.  There can be various parts of us at whatever age, 5, 10, 13, 16, 20, 27, 30 that have all went through something emotional or stressful at that age and yes time has past and maybe physical wounds have healed but the internal wound hasn’t healed.  Let me give you an example of a client that was in yesterday without giving away her personal details.  She has came to me with anxiety and depression, which on a physical plane is connected to the adrenals glands (produces cortisol, the stress hormone) so she’s will be tired, not able to sleep, anxious, over active mind, not able to be present etc and we were able to trace the main source back to a teacher in school that used to hit her on her hands with the cane 2-3 times a day very hard.  From the day that started she froze like in a trauma and came out of her body a little to survive, well the 8 year old did and was then triggered every time she felt not good enough throughout her adult life.  After that incident and it was continuous, she started day dreaming, she couldn’t concentrate and ultimately couldn’t do her work or homework and this caused additional stress with her parents and the other teachers as they knew she was capable but in those days that was the way it was so none of this was her parents fault as they didn’t know again they were never taught this stuff.  Over time her self esteem and confidence went and she just didn’t feel good enough because she felt everyone around her was never happy with her work or criticised her a lot.

That was just one incident and when we go back and connect our inner child to change the false belief that this wasn’t her fault a lost part or fragment of us comes back into our heart as the heart never breaks, it only closes……

So I ask that today tune into the chamber of heart by sitting alone in nature, place your right on your heart and your left hand on you womb or men (same area) and close you eyes…take some deep breath’s.  Breathing in through your nose for 3 going right into the belly first and up through the chest into the heart and throat and breathing deeply out through the mouth…trying to make a deep sound like the sea and as you do this connect with your body, feel it getting lighter, bring awareness to all parts of your body and feel it sinking deep into the chair and ask what do I need to today? What what does my inner child need? How can I serve myself better today in order to fill my cup up and give this love to those I love around me? How can I be more compassionate with my partner and help him/her connect with their feminine or masculine side?

Let’s simply do it together, raising the vibration of love on this planet, everyone doing their bit, if everyone takes care of their little piece of the garden we will all blossom beautifully and produce future seeds that wont need much nurturing to grow because it will occur naturally.

Much love, Leigh xx

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