Lets take a LEAP of Faith on this leap day!

We all need faith and it may appear different to everyone. I believe in love. I believe in a higher consciousness. I believe in my higher self. I believe we are not alone. I believe our loved ones and ancestors we have never even met guide us every day because we are their lineage. I believe in more. I believe in simply starting with awareness…..

Today is a very rare day that only happens once every 4 years and I am such a different person today than 4 years ago so when I was woken up at 4.30pm with no mission of getting back to sleep I had to tune into the energy because it can only mean there is something significant to take note of and I never really thought about a leap year before. Today is the 29th February 2020 and from a numerological point of view (of which I am not an expert) 29 breaks down to 11 (2+9), which is known as a number of awakening and spiritual enlightenment. The number 11 is a gateway, an opportunity so its important to check into your energy today and take some time for you.
Before I understood this view of the world I worked in a very masculine corporate environment where I constantly felt ‘not good enough’ and didn’t know I could change this old belief, facebook wasn’t around lol so I wasn’t reading posts like this and I simply just did what everyone else did around my age…..I drank wine or ate chocolate most evenings to suppress whatever this things called emotion was and got up and did what I was meant to do the next day, what my parents did and everyone else because I wasn’t aware there was more and that I could feel joy. So if your reading this and feeling the same there is more so simply start searching and becoming more aware and today is a good day to start. Even though we have a 29 in every month, the 29th of February (a 2 month) is a very rare combination of numbers and therefore a rare energy to experience according to ‘Forever Conscious’. They go on to explain that in numerology, a number 2 is the number of pursuing your soul purpose or mission, that carries it a feminine energy that helps us to birth our creations and bring our ideas into the physical world. Now that would explain why February 2020 has been a powerhouse of a month. Just look at the number of 2s. Last weekend saw a Pisces new moon around the date 22.02.2020 and the weeks leading up to this date I was birthing something new which explains why I have been quiet on my pages. As with any new birth I wanted to get to know my creation first before I launched it to the world. It is in fact only a seed and every step of it’s creative process was divinely guided and sacred so it feels very special. On this powerful date last weekend it was rejected, but really, I was rejected and it brought up some very strong emotions and memories and deep deep grief that I was not aware was inside me. I knew it was not all mine, we all carry the blueprint, the pain, the old beliefs of our ancestors in our system until we change the old patterns passed down and I did this with my creation but I needed the ‘gift of that rejection’ to finally clear this. I remember in the weeks previous thinking oh I wonder what it will feel like around 22.022.2020 at 22.22 and that is when my physical body just exploded. It came out of nowhere but it didn’t really, I simply cried for about an hour solid, proper convulsions (my poor husband didn’t know what to do and simply said ‘just grieve’ which was perfect). I knew I just need to let them flow and get out of my own head and stop trying to analyse them. It was a Pisces new moon…. the fish (connected to Jesus), a water sign (connected to emotions) and there were signs that I had noted previous that prepared me even though I was feeling good. I bought a book 4 weeks previous called ‘The Emotion Code’ by Dr Bradley Nelson, highly recommend and before I could even open the first page I had soaked it through and through. Then our bath over flooded into our new kitchen down below as my husband panicked I simply took note. I knew my ancestors, my loved ones were preparing me. All of us, if we are simply more aware, trust more, have more faith can see the signs too so that you can be prepared.

Back to the numbers…so when 11 (29th) and 2 (February) come together, their energy creates a powerful time for love, healing and teaching SO WATCH YOUR THOUGHTS TODAY. There is a ‘Be Kind’ movement on social media at the minute due to the loss of Caroline Fleck (may she rest in peace) and I propose today to start with BEING KIND to yourself. When we are kind to ourselves, when we love ourselves more and I mean truly love ourselves. Loving our shadow, loving the part of us we don’t want to look at, that part of us that maybe judges others, that gets jealous, that gets angry, that is actually human then we can BE TRULY KIND to others. I had a dream about Penguins two nights ago (well and David Beckham also but that’s a whole other post lol) and when I looked up their significance it was about love and community. Firstly loving ourselves and then others and us all working together to support each other, not tear each other down. Take what happened with Caroline, yes her death affected many of us but we need to ask ourselves why in a very deep way. Yes we can blame the media, yes we can blame her ex partner, yes we can even blame other celebrities that made a comment but what use is that going to do as its only feeding the negativity and drama. Gossip has been around for a long time and until we stop buying the magazines and following those feeding it and actually watch our words and be nice towards people we have never even met (particularly on social media) as we have never walked in their shoes we should just stop commenting and get our own garden in order first. My granny always said ‘if you haven’t anything nice to say say nothing at all’ and its so true. We want to fight, to defend because we have been hurt and we have closed our hearts and when to start to heal our heart we see the world and others in a very different way.

So lets take stock today how are your thoughts, what can you do for yourself or others if your cup feels full…. because today, the 29th of February is such a rare vibration that it can cause a type of ripple effect within us and in our lives if we allow it. This ripple can create an opportunity for us to “leap” forward from where we are in life and change. The 9th March 2020 sees a powerful super moon in Virgo and this sign is all about getting organised and the energy is starting to build for release now. Getting our lives in order, putting a plan in place to get our heads in check, maybe de cluttering our home or one room, embarking on a cleanse or new exercise regime, maybe starting mindfulness techniques or maybe its doing less. As the quote in Winnie the Pooh goes.. “Doing nothing often leads to the very best of something”. Everyone is different and thats the beauty.

So take a leap with your thoughts today, with what you want to attract into your life or with what you want to let go off. Just simply start with that and don’t worry about the how just now, simply be open to receive, be more aware of the signs around you and you will be shown the next step…..Have a good one, Leigh xx

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