No one is coming to save you…

As I sat down to write I heard these words…’no one is coming to save you’ and initially it can feel as if a bubble in your heart just burst when you realise this is true. There is a saying that goes, ‘When the teacher is ready the student appears’ what this simply means is when you are ready to fully hear and integrate what’s right and true for you then the answer will come in the form of a blog article like this, a recommendation from a friend, a post on Facebook, an article in the paper etc….

It doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy but let’s face is anything easy at the minute. I experienced many things this week…shock, disappointment, heartbreak, love, pain, joy, hope, sadness, exhilaration, grief and all is ok as normal to feel. We are human beings not human doings so it’s important to simply be and feel it all. I can feel all of this from a place of observation. As I know these emotions do not define me or dictate my future, they are simply flowing through me and helping me to clear and shift to higher frequencies of light in my life. When I was in a place of waiting for someone to save me I did not find this so easy though.

This is not our fault. We are programmed as young children to ignore our feelings and intuition and simply do and feel how our parents or carers want us to feel to fit into this world as the number one goal in those days is to be good! Be that good girl, that good boy, sit quietly, eat quietly, keep your clothes clean as what would others think and of course smile…now not all have experienced this so if this doesn’t resonate then this article simply isn’t for you. But for the latter it’s like we have been wearing a mask all of our lives and now we are being forced to wear one for real and it’s uncomfortable. We have censored ourselves and not spoken our truth for fear of not being liked, for fear of judgement or upsetting someone else as acceptance in this world has become the norm. To follow the sheep, to believe everything we read and are told. We have been taught that if we step out of line (bit like Jesus did way back then) we will be punished, we will be the outcast, the black sheep and that is a lonely place to be.

No one wants to be lonely. We all need love and connection. We are all connected after all. I have been exploring this connection lately with God. I was brought up going to church every Sunday. My parents didn’t go but made me go which caused great confusion so I went with my grand parents. My grandparents went to two different churches which I admire. They loved and respected each other. They married for love and stayed true to each other until the day they died. I feel their secret was they just allowed the other person to be who they were and they didn’t expect the other to save them. We can put so much pressure on marriage with such heavy expectations of the other person when if we really just focused on ourselves, on our inner work, we wouldn’t blame so much and we would take more responsibility for our part.

We were read stories and fairytales when we were younger about Prince Charming and how he always saves the day and rescues the princess….how it’s always good in the end so then when it comes to our own lives we expect them to be the same, to be perfect, for our prince to come and save us. This is so much pressure for men or could be the other way round if the female has more of a masculine energy.

Masculine and Feminine energies are present in both males and females. The key is to find the balance and acceptance of both…to let both express themselves, to use both in tandem. Some days we need to rest and re-charge so we connect with the feminine energy of going slower and going inwards and connecting with our intuition. Sometimes we need to adopt action and strict boundaries so we lean more in to the masculine energy. This is what we talk about, experience and integrate in the Hormone Balance Chakra Program which will be opening its doors again in March 2020. In the meantime I want to offer you my FREE Hormone Balance Chakra Series with a free BONUS pdf of Hormone Flow Yoga so you can practice at home. All you simply do is follow this link and sign up on my website and it will be emailed directly to you inbox. Please check spam if you don’t receive it.

Now let’s go back to Prince Charming. This is a lot to live up to for men. It’s a lot of pressure to have the role of saving the princess and fighting off the dragons and it’s a bit degrading to us Princesses (oh no don’t like that word), lets call us Priestesses. Yes that’s much stronger because the female energy is strong, just as powerful as the male but in different ways so it’s important for us women to stop trying to be in a man’s world and be in our world and that’s what we teach in my programs. Many of us women have been running a program of the ‘distorted masculine’ where we have tried to compete in this world with men, this world of doing and doing all of the time and have ignored our feminine energy and as such we are overwhelmed and burnt out trying to do it all, to fulfil all roles and as a result a power play is taking place. Or, for some we are maybe too much in our feminine, ignoring all of our inner warrior/inner masculine signs and simply want to break free and do and be what we want to be.

For some males and females they may have a belief as a result of this that they have to be the strong one, the glue that holds it all together, so they ignore their inner feminine energy that wants them to slow down to listen more, to get into flow…to take this time we have been given as a gift. For it is a gift. When will be have this opportunity again to go inwards, to read that book, to do that online course or program. To stop and reboot. To take a reset on how things are working in our lives, what is working and what isn’t and to communicate our thoughts, our needs, our wants with our other half. Again why do we say that, our partner is not our ‘other half’ or even worse some say ‘better half’. This puts so much pressure and creates so much co dependency and if they fail to act, be and respond the way we want them to or think they should then we punish them through blaming, going quiet, huffing etc. We can allow all of this to build up inside and we don’t even know it’s there as we suppress it with old habits and behaviours like eating junk food, drinking alcohol, shopping to much, eating to much sugar, watching too much TV.

In today’s society there is so much pressure to be perfect, seeing everyone’s life on social media (or what they are showing us) and we are believing that everyone else is doing it correctly and we are not. That we are the only ones that have not got the memo on how to do life well but that simply isn’t true. I would be very surprised if anyone got though life not experience some sort of tough time. It’s what makes us grow, it give us perspective, it shows us what’s truly important. Not the nice car or house, or monthly hair appointment. It’s not to stay those things are not important. If dressing in nice clothes, getting your hair done, buying nice things makes you feel good then do it with bells on and if it doesn’t don’t criticise or judge anyone else for doing what makes them happy.

In March 2020 I stopped seeing my clients face to face and moved everything online. Yes I knew it was time as I had been procrastinating about it for a while but lock down gave me the kick I needed so I TRUSTED. I had no idea if it would work but I heard that inner voice. Call it my higher self, my soul, God. We all have access to this higher wisdom that is present within us at all times, we simply need to slow down enough to hear it. This experience allowed me to moved from a place of co-dependency with my clients to allowing them to access their own self mastery and empowerment. As we are not in the same room or even seeing each other I can help them tap into their own higher self and allow their soul to lead for it knows the way home. This is what all my programs do whether you come to me for a 1:1 or group coaching I simply hold the space, provide the tools and techniques to help you heal yourselves and the you have them for life.

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Much Love and stay safe as always
Leigh xx

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