October 2023 “Calling back your power” MEDITATION

Welcome back to my podcast or if this is the first time you have visited you are very welcome and I encourage you to listen the previous episode for some context for this meditation.

I will pop the link here for the video version: https://youtu.be/V9Jgkju9fSY?si=nhrD_qoxDL79lSQw and the audio version below 👇 https://open.spotify.com/episode/4kftL9nZgbqT2c4EWca7Lp?si=GSESU8miT8OwUbAz6h8Pnw

All my meditations are channelled so I never have any idea what is going to come through so this one was so lovely as I adore the movie ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and feel there is some powerful symbolism inherent within the script.

If you think of the story. Dorothy’s world gets turned upside down but it wasn’t that great anyways and in the end it was all an illusion to get her to realise that she has everything she ever needs or wants within her and not some power outside of her. A parable of how to achieve spiritual enlightenment and use it effectively in the physical world.

The yellow brick road is golden, representing our wisdom so I am guided to take you on a journey down this road to meet three aspects of self; your inner child (maiden or page), your mother (or father if male) and your crone or sage self.

Then you release the old into the cauldron and watch as this is alchemised into gold wisdom and ceremonial cacao as you drink and integrate with these 3 aspects of self to full fully whole again and in your power.

Beautiful but powerful.

There may be symbolism along the way so trust what you are seeing and comment below so I can help you with the interpretations.

I hope you enjoy and please share to help others.

Love Leigh xx

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