October 2023 Full Moon Eclipse/ Samhain Energy “Calling back your power”

It’s the final week of October and boy it’s been a ride of a month and the final wave is still to come so hang in there.

The final doorway to the past is closing out with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus.

I spend about 15 mins at the start of this video explaining the energy before we dive into guidance from the oracle.

This moon is known as the blood moon where the shadow of the earth is projected on the face of the moon.

You may feel very sensitive around as our shadow aspect comes out of the literal shadows…

Eclipses initiate and usher in big life changes and challenges so take a minute or 40 mins out of your busy schedule to become aware of the energies so you can stay one step ahead and to really integrate and process the energies in your own shadow why now relax and do my 30 min meditation after this video to really integrate those 3 aspects of self.

As I mentioned in this podcast or if you prefer the video version I will pop the link below:

Taurus is a practical earth sign really asking you to be persistent, committed and gentle with yourself and your needs at this time, including those that may come up from the shadows via our inner child.

Taurus rules finances so this are may also be coming up for many at this time so take a breath and trust the process and work your way through it as best you can.

We are in Scorpio season, which is all about embracing change, transformation, death and rebirth.

Scorpio is a water sign that teaches us to keep dying, changing and growing.

Just days after this full moon eclipse we have Samhain and Halloween which I could do a whole video on itself if I had time.

The ultimate death!

There is a reason why we dress up at this time in gory costumes because we are connected with our shadow and disowned self so embrace this time of the year and fully step into your crone/ sage, witch or wizard selves to help you with the next stage in your life.

The theme for this Full Moon Eclipse/ Samhain energy is Initiation which is death and rebirth and ‘Calling back your POWER’

We are being asked to go slowly, the speak our truth, to connect with the dark feminine and set boundaries or at least think about them ready for actioning them in November

We are being asked to sacrifice our comfort zones and what is familiar to step into the unknown.

We are being asked to be strategic and plan, to be super clear on what and who we what to be going forward to manifest all that we wish.

We are being asked to proceed slowly and allow our Hearts to Heal along the way.

To help make this personal for you to heal and integrate your disowned aspects or shadow take 30 mins to go on a meditation journey with this channeled meditation I created for you. Link below 👇

Please leave me a comment if this resonated and of you enjoyed the meditation and share my work to help others at this time.

Much love
Leigh xx

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