Raw Vegan Mint Choc Power Bars (Sugar, Dairy & Wheat Free)

These homemade power bars are from www.thisrawsomeveganlife.com and are full of healthy fats and proteins from seeds, dried fruit, nuts, coconut and oats. They taste great and are the perfect food to refuel fast after the gym or a pick me up during the afternoon slump.

Each bar (if you end up with 7 bars) has: 40% of your RDI for Omega 6’s, 21% of your proteins, 46% of your vitamin K, 16% of your vitamin E, 23% of your vitamin B1, 21% of your vitamin B2, 24% of your iron, 65% of your manganese, 43% of your magnesium, 52% of your fibre so you can’t be bad to that.

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