One to One Zoom Sessions:

Queen Bee Life Transformation

Work me on a weekly basis with longer sessions to bring in yoga, essential oils mentorship, journal work, nutrition and energy healing. Many souls are waking up in 2022 so I am offering this service to help those who are ready to explore this path fully and quickly.


Soul Self Mastery

A Soul Self Mastery Consultation is perfect if you have a health or wellbeing goal or for many when you are not sure exactly you need but just know that your life and body are out of balance. This session is very relaxing to both body, mind and soul and is done over the phone in the comfort or your own home


Soul Realignment

The Akashic Records is like a book of your soul’s records. It’s an energetic database that stores all information about all choices that your soul has every made over many lifetimes. I visualise it as a book because that is the human interpretation for understanding but it goes way beyond anything that we could every comprehend from a human perspective.


Online Group Programs:

Bee your own Queen Workshop Series #1

A series of 3 soul-self care workshops providing you with the awareness, knowledge, tools and practices to integrate simply and SOULFULLY into your daily life so you feel more calmness, clarity, freedom, understanding, acceptance and motivated about your life, next steps and the future.


Reiki Training Attunements

I am excited to offer one-to-one Reiki Attunements Online. We all have access to these powerful gifts and healing abilities that we have used for many lifetimes that simply need to be awakened and remembered. I can attune you to the frequency of Reiki level 1, 2 or master/ teacher all from the comfort of your own home.


Consult the Oracle

In ancient times priestesses such as ourselves consulted an oracle to help them understand what was going on for them presently and tap into the energy to come to help them better navigate life. An oracle is also known as a place where people went to ask questions and received an answer.


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