Light Code Activation

Meditation Healing Journey

Only £77

We are constantly receiving light codes and healing energy from source to help us heal, get on the right path, gain clarity in our life or simply to know and understand ourselves better.  It’s the heavy human body that can be in resistance to these healing ‘light codes’.  As children we come into this world full of the joys of spring with a remembrance of our mission and purpose and then life gets dumped on us and we disconnect from source, from our higher/soul self.
In this ‘Light Code Activation’ session I help you to receive the light energy and codes that are streaming in to help you with all areas of your life.  I will take you on a meditative healing journey into the subconscious that will guide you to any area that is in need of activating right now to better serve you with next steps in your life.
Please lighten your diet 5 days before this activation by avoiding alcohol, red meat and artificial sweeteners.  Ensure that your body is well hydrated by drinking at least 2 litres of water daily and have a space set up with a blanket, glass of water, essential oil, note book and pen etc in preparation for this session.

This 45 min ‘Light Code Activation’ session is £77 (personal recording)