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Life Transformation Coaching Package

£425 (3 monthly payments) or £999 (Save £243)

Are you ready to up level your life? Maybe you have just started your inner healing journey and are looking for a mentor or guided to help you navigate this new terrain? Or maybe you have been on this healing journey for a while and are ready for more expansion in your life as it is the year 2022? 
You may have heard the term Ascension which comes form the words ‘to ascend’ or to climb.  Many souls are ascending into higher frequencies and vibrations right now as they become more consciously aware of the world around them and that they are much more than their physical body.
This ascension process is happening at such a rate that it can feel very overwhelming, confusing and physically painful when you do not know or understand what is happening.  I started to ascend or consciously wake up in 2012 so I could support souls that started to become aware in 2020 and again now in 2022 and I would have appreciated a personal and business mentor to guide me in graceful navigation of the process at that time, to almost help short cut the endless searching for answers and sleepless nights.
The journey to optimum health and wellbeing will take time and we need to be patient. Remember the body will have taken many years of physical and emotional neglect up until this point so we can’t use the usual symptomatic model that treats the symptom only (usually with a pill).Yes, the body may initially feel better but usually, the pain is masked and will resurface. Healing is a process of release and receive, whereby we must release trapped negative emotions before we can receive positive feelings and complete physical health. Most of us want to skip this step but it is crucial in our healing journey.

“Whether you are new to the concept and experience of distance healing and you are curious to give it a go or you are a seasoned convert to the practice, I can honestly say that your decision to work with Leigh will be one that enhances your life. It will help bring clarity and guidance to whatever areas you chose to focus on, and it can bring you a place of deep healing that most of us would never be able to reach on our own.”

These weekly sessions with me are invaluable as you will get a chance to work with your own intuition and deep wisdom.These exploration and soul healing calls identify what has been coming up for you each week and using various techniques like yogic coaching to help shift the physical body, an essential oil kit of the top 10 oils to really deepen the healing of body, mind and soul, symbolic meditation where you feel empowered and see the answers to those burning questions and healing reiki transmission. My goal for my clients is to feel total body integration and wholeness at soul level so that they truly know who they are, can experience complete freedom and live a life of peace and balance, attracting all the abundance that soul desires.

How it will work

• This service will be offered on zoom or whats app depending on the weekly needs
• It includes 6 weekly 2 hour coaching sessions (£180 x 6) each one tailored to the requirements at the time using a variety of healing modalities £1080
• Doterra Home essential oils kit of top 10 oils with wholesale account and 20% off future purchases (worth £125)
• The Hormone Balance Chakra course which is 8 weeks of meditation, nutrition, yoga & journaling(£147)

Total Cost: £1352/ Your Price TODAY £999! Over 25% off saving of £353

Are you ready to make that commitment to yourself?

This Total Body Transformation Package is available for you if you are ready to receive it?

Are you ready to:
1. Step into who your soul came here to be?
2. Live a life full of abundance, love & happiness?
3. Release those limiting beliefs (deeply rooted in our subconscious) that form how we are living and ultimately blocking the flow of health & happiness?
4. Love yourself truly, madly, deeply? Our shadow self is that part of us that we have ignored from childhood because we see them as bad, The part that gets angry, irritated and bored but we are human and need to accept all parts as a whole.
5. Learn the steps to release emotions & limiting beliefs at home to feel empowered on your own health and wellbeing journey

“The wound is the place where the light enters you”


Next steps…

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Are you ready to make that commitment to yourself?