Akashic Records Clearing

‘Akashic Records Clearing’
Soul Realignment

£299 (approx 3 hours)

The Akashic Records is like a book of your soul’s records. It’s an energetic database that stores all information about all choices that your soul has every made over many lifetimes. I visualise it as a book because that is the human interpretation for understanding but it goes way beyond anything that we could every comprehend from a human perspective.
My belief is that we have one soul that has lived for many lifetimes and I have spent a lot of money on various healing modalities over the past 10 years and it wasn’t until I came across the Akashic Records that I was truly able to understand why abundance or optimum health was not flowing to me. There is so much information we can access in this higher realm which is irrelevant so I loved training in Soul Realignment practices because it was so logical and relevant to daily life and why we are unable to reach goals or stick to commitments.

One of the main reasons clients book a session with me is to find out their soul purpose and who they are at a deep soul level because we have become so disconnected with our true nature from such a young age.

The Soul Realignment Akashic Records Reading:
• Informs you of their true divine nature of your soul and subsequently what your gifts are to apply in this lifetime to bring life abundance.
• Brings a deep awareness of how, through previous choices, in other lifetimes you have shaped your own experiences in this one so that you become truly accountable and in a position to change the trajectory.
• Helps you to heal relationship issues, money issues, career issues and health of course because generally we make the same wrong choices in each lifetimes only in a bigger more painful way so that we learn the lesson.
• Offers an empowering explanation about how and why you are feeling and acting the way you do that maybe previously have not made sense to you
• Clears the records so you are free to make new choices and shift current thinking and experiences instantly

How it will work

1. Click the book now button below to complete payment and follow the instructions to email me with your full name, full birth name, date of birth and place of birth.

2. 50% of the session is done distantly with me accessing, analysing and presenting the information I have identified in your records which takes 60-75mins.

3. The other 50% of the session is done on the phone (zoom) at an agreed time with you and involves an energy healing session. This will last approximately 90 mins.

4. Then there is a 21 day cleaning protocol for you to repeat at home and to follow with suggestions for diet, mindfulness and journaling as your physical and emotional body clears.

As you go about the days and weeks after the clearing you will find yourself feeling, looking and acting different. Making different positive choices and new opportunities may come your way as you adjust to your new vibration, however this is dependant on to continue making positive life choices in alignment with your divine soul blueprint.

Cost is £299. If you are still unsure here are what some of my clients have said about their Soul Realignment Akashic Records Clearing.

Here is what my clients have said:

“Around 10 years ago I discovered positive thinking, meditation, reiki, and various other energy modalities and so began what I thought would be a short and pleasant journey of self-discovery. But anyone who does this work on themselves will know that the journey is anything but easy. Peeling back layer after layer and working through our crazy in-built / long-held beliefs and issues is extremely tough but so worthwhile. More recently I discovered Akashic record healing and something told me that this was going to be the most important part of my work thus far. I contacted Leigh as soon as I heard about it and got booked in straight away and wow, I’m so glad I did! This was by far the best thing I’ve ever done for myself, everything about it just made sense and felt like this was the final piece of the puzzle – this didn’t feel like the start of something, rather it felt like a completion! I loved that afterwards I felt – ok, that’s that sorted – and everything just felt right. It’s so simple but so effective, hard to explain but I just know it’s been such an important part of my healing journey and am so grateful to Leigh for her skill and the ease with which she walked me through it all and explained things so well and simply”

Kerry (42)

“I loved the Akashic records so much. I feel I was Divinely guided to book it as I wasn’t even sure what it was. Leigh explained different aspects to me in the session. Everything she said made so much sense and really resonated with my personality and how I was feeling. During the healing I was quite emotional but pretty much straight away I felt lighter and elated. It was a really positive buzz that lasted about 2 weeks. Since then I feel like I’ve been stepping into the version of me I’ve always known I could be. I feel like my self love is at an all time high. I genuinely feel happy in my own body. I feel empowered and very positive about my present and future and I feel nothing can hold me back. Leigh is an amazing teacher with lots of wisdom and magic to share. Thank you so much for such a beautiful experience.”

Sarah (34)