Soul Self Mastery

Journey with the soul to become whole

Initial Appointment is £120 / Follow up sessions £100

A Soul Self Mastery Consultation is one of my most popular services because it is tailored specifically to you in the session.  I used a mix of all my trained modalities such as reiki healing, nutrition, integrated energy therapy, soul retrieval, priestess mastery and channeling direct from source to soul to help you become whole.
The initial session begins with a timeline exercise of your life so that I can identify what areas we need to focus on for ultimate Soul Self Mastery.  This session can be done over zoom or whats app and includes a powerful healing energy session so you leave feeling lighter which an energy shift and understanding straight away.
I will ask many questions about health, memories, beliefs and intentions to identify the root cause that will give you powerful insights and clarity as to why you act and feel the way you.

This session includes an energy healing session to bring harmony and balance to the energy centres and hormone glands so that you leave feeling on top of the world and with a plan of action that you can implement straight away allowing you to take back control for you health and wellbeing.

Usually, the body has taken many years of abuse and has suppressed many emotions and wounds from childhood that we are not aware of so we need to give ourselves time to heal.
Please prepare your body for these sessions a few days before as the energy starts to come in by drinking plenty of water, lightening diet of red meat and alcohol and getting plenty of rest, journaling any old feelings, memories of emotions that may be arising.These sessions are extremely powerful as we clear emotional blocks during the session but then you need to give your physical and mental body time to catch up after the session so again plenty of rest, water and Epsom salt baths.Every session is completely different depending on how I am being guided before and during so be prepared for old behaviours and feelings to resurface for healing.

The first half of the session is identifying areas and blocks and giving you a greater understanding of whats going on in your life.

Then I will ask you to lie down and get comfortable as I take you into a guided relaxed meditation whilst I worked down your body clearing blocked energy.I release blocked energy through yawning, tear ducts and burping so that you are prepared. It’s a truly wonderful and empowering experience as one lady described it so much better than a massage!

The follow up sessions are a little shorter but not always and are £100. These allow us to dive deeper into the big issues preventing you from living your best life of health, wealth and happiness.I find people come to me not really knowing who they are at a deep soul level and leave with such clarity and a new sense of purpose as they are fully integrated in their bodies. This sense of profound balance in that feminine energy of flow and following their intuition coupled with the will & strength of their masculine energy allowing them to be fully in their power and expressing their divine gifts truly knowing who they are and why they are here.