Are you interested in using DoTERRA Essential oils for optimum Wellbeing & Holistic Health?

Essential oils heal the physical, emotional and spiritual body by raising our energetic vibration, keeping lower energies away. Many of us have not been taught to feel our feelings, let alone release negative emotions so they end up becoming stagnant in the body.

Essential oils help to release these emotions like anxiety, grief, anger, low self worth etc…so that we can live in an environment of balance and peace which is certainly what I am aiming for.

So here are 3 options:

1. Order a personal blend
Contact me with the specific DoTERRA essential oils or symptoms you wish to ease and I will make you a personal 10ml roller btl blend for only £15. As an extra special treat I will charge this will healing energy and advise how to use it. Have a rose gold box to contact me window.

2. Order 1 or 2 single DoTERRA oils or blends. Click through to my shop to see the various options available and then click here to place your order, ask for further advice or book a wellness call so we can discuss your needs. Have a rose gold box to contact me window.

3. If you want to enroll as a wellness advocate to avail of all the membership benefits and purchase your oils at wholesale price then click here for a wellness call or follow the steps below to place your order:

1. If you wanted to order you simply for this link:
2. Click on Join & Save
3. Read through benefits & click Join Doterra button at the bottom of the page
4. Click Europe – Continue
5. Scroll down to United Kingdom – Continue
6. Click on Wholesale Customer
7. Complete your details (NB check my ID number is on the form 5788053)
8. Scroll across to the end and Choose the Home Essentials or Family Essential Kits and wait for it to arrive.

CHECK OUT THE Available kits


Vitamin & Minerals for Cellular Health

There are many different vitamin and mineral brands on the market so it can get confusing which ones to buy.Cytoplan supplements are food state grade, meaning the body recognises them as food because they are absorbed at a cellular level into the body.Cytoplan is wholly owned by a charitable foundation, which , for me, is an added bonus to their exceptional products.Food state and wholefood vitamin & mineral supplements help to support the body back to total health and wellbeing.