Slow Cooker Curried Cod with Quinoa and Chickpeas (Slow carb, gluten, dairy & yeast free)

I love this time of year because my slow cooker is on every day…I tend to make two meals each night and the kids wont eat what I eat (at the minute) lol. It’s so quick and really you can throw in whatever left overs you have in the fridge. I have really gone off meat this past year and moving more towards a vegetarian diet so my transition is to eat more fish first. Cod contains an array of B vitamins which are essential for the body’s metabolism and nervous system giving us energy and keeping us calm through stressful times. It also contains phosphorus and selenium which we need for our blood and to protect our cells from free radicals. You can really add whatever spices you like, I just love turmeric for his anti-inflammatory properties.

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