Spelt wheaten toast with scrambled egg spinach (WHEAT, YEAST, DAIRY FREE)

It is always nice to have something different for breakfast at the weekend and as I don’t have bread all week I love a little bit of spelt toast at the weekend. Avoid wheat products at all cost to keep your body alkaline and free from disease. Wheat and Spelt are cousins in the grain world but as wheat is a very acidic grain it can cause much inflammation in the body and thus weight gain and disease. Spelt is a great alternative, although it is not suitable for Coeliacs but as a weight loss strategy or those wheat intolerant it is excellent.

It has a nutty, slightly sweet flavour and is richer in many nutrients, such as protein and minerals than wheat. Unlike most gluten free breads, spelt contain gluten which actually goes in it’s favour to give it the desired texture.

Other benefits of Spelt

1) High in Niacin which helps with energy levels, hormones, adrenal glands and lowering cholesterol

2) High in minerals copper, iron (energy), magnesium (sleep & stress), zinc (sugar cravings & depression) and phosphorous

3) High water solubility, making it possibly easier to digest as it offers more soluble fibre than wheat

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