Spicy Carrot Soup with oat crackers

Delicious chilli ginger & carrot soup, perfect winter tonic for those colder days to really get the blood pumping around your body and flush out those toxins. If like me, soup sometimes doesn’t fill you then nibble or dip in some oat crackers which are full of B vitamins for energy, fibre to cleanse your bowels, low in fat but full of carbohydrate keeping you full all afternoon. Carrots contain vitamin A preventing wrinkles & dry skin, plus are great for your eyesight, help prevent infection from colds and flu’s and cleanse the body by reducing bile and fat in the liver. Onions are amazing too as they contain chromium which balances our blood sugar, stopping us from grabbing a quick sugar fix later, improve our immune system and reduces inflammation if you have a headache or blocked sinus’s. Garlic is another wonder food that clears our skin, prevents colds, reduces inflammation and helps us control our weight.

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