Summer Solstice 2023 Integration Healing Meditation

What a week of energies it has been with that powerful new moon in gemini arriving on Father’s Day and then the schuman resonance (earth’s heartbeat) rising to 190 when it generally doesn’t go over 8 and then disappeared. This is never seen before energy that we will all be feeling hence why you could be feeling tired, irritable, angry, feeling physical pain or maybe very emotional and much interrupted sleep or vivid dreams.

Saturn 🪐 the planet of karma and the great father energy went into retrograde meaning it goes backwards, taking us back over old karma, also at the time of the new moon.

This has brought up the distorted masculine energies within us all males and females alike to be looked at with non judgement and compassion for all. Pls remember we are human and can make mistakes and say things we don’t mean when we are hit with a trigger but the most important thing is to learn for it, acknowledge your part and let it go with heart based energy so you can move forward.

The summer solstice otherwise known as Litha is the longest day of the year, the day with the most light available, the day when you can fully feel, allow and experience all of your beautiful light.

Remember the light can only be seen in the dark so allow your shadow self to be revealed so it can be brought to the light and healed.

The light is the sun, the masculine, fire energy, action, will, desire, confidence, authenticity.

I hope this meditation helps to integration the strong energies of this past week with ease into your bodies so you can fully step into your light and path ahead.

Much love
Leigh xx

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