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Consult the Oracle: Ask 3 Questions

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In ancient times priestesses such as ourselves consulted an oracle to help them understand what was going on for them presently and tap into the energy to come to help them better navigate life. An oracle is also known as a place where people went to ask questions and received an answer.
I have used oracle cards since I was 18 and have developed such a beautiful relationship with them to help me connect to my higher self, my soul self to achieve mastery in this lifetime.
I am not a fortune teller. The future is not fixed. I am a natural channel that will tap into the energy around you in the present moment and present potential future timelines in order that you have the power in your hands to change, altar or accept.
This service is ideal for someone looking for clarity right now to help them move forward but please note it is not a healing or energy session although healing energy will present itself naturally as it’s what naturally comes through.

If you’re interested please book below and answer the 3 questions in the submission form and I will be in touch within 5 days with your recording.

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