10 Soul Self-care Mood Boosters for October

Where has this year gone??

2022 is the year of expansion after all but with all this outward expansion we must remind ourselves that we must go within and contract also, to balance the energies and October is calling for this now.

I do monthly and sometimes weekly energy updates on my You Tube channel so I would encourage you to watch my October Energies video here.

In this video I explore the energies of October; release, retreat, self care, soul care, change, the physical body, knowing what we want, our dreams, our desires, communication, speaking our truth and boundaries. This is true abundance but it won’t just fall on our laps, we need to slow down, go into our cave, into our shadow self and rescue those parts that we have shut away, unknowingly.

So with all that being said I want to explore what true soul self care is versus self care and how creating and committing to a ‘DAILY SACRED PRACTICE’ is the key to optimism, health, happiness and abundance.

I have spent over 15 years working on this internal stuff after attempting suicide in 2007 on 31st October so I know the power of October and what it can bring up for us.

My 30 year old self, back then, really hadn’t a clue who she was, what she was working towards and how to love herself, which is why I love my work and like to offer so much to help others not feel as lost and lonely as I did, to give you a hope that there is another way and you do not need to look outside of yourself to be ok. Everything you need is right here, we have spent many years of our life learning from others and now it’s time to remember, to access the wisdom within to achieve true SOUL SELF MASTERY.

So that being said I feel a good place to start is with self care. We have certainly seen an explosion of self care activities, workshops, books and podcasts on this growing movement but what I want you to ponder is going deeper into soul self care as we are ready.

So what is the difference between self care and soul self care?

Self care is taking the time to fill up your own cup and that may look slightly different for everyone – in more official terms it is ‘an act of replenishing one’s state of wellbeing’. Self care is the ‘doing’ action quite like the masculine energy. Taking whatever measures are required to ensure that your emotional, mental & physical bodies are in balance.

Soul Care connects us with our spiritual selves, our higher self, our most authentic self because our soul is who we are and who we were before we arrived into these physical bodies and if our soul is tired or grows weary so will all aspects of our life and body. Therefore, as much as self care is the doing, the masculine, the action. Soul Care is the feminine, the quiet, the going within and ultimately believing you are worthy of this care.

In this article I will list 10 steps of Soul Self Care for you to consider in October and they may look like self care steps because they are, they can stay self care actions but how you mindfully approach, connect and feel into them to really make that change or first step in your life is key and that is soul care.

To help understand this lets talk about levels of consciousness, not in any detail as there is plenty of material out there to read. You may or may not know by now that ‘everything is energy’, we are energy and energy runs at different vibrational levels or dimensions. This is known as 3D, 4D, 5D etc.

For our early years we will have been living in a level of consciousness known as 3D. Our human selves. We understand we have a physical body and that we have emotions and maybe a mental mind but many of us didn’t have that level of conscious awareness that we are more, that there is a soul self, a spiritual body, that has been here and in a body many times before so has so much wisdom to share to make this life the best it can be and us th best version of ourselves that we came here to be.

This is why we have what I call ‘wake up’ calls. These are certain events or marks in the road that we have agreed, at a soul level, to happen to wake us up to a higher level of consciousness and awareness. For me, as I have mentioned my first wake up call that literally woke me up or should I say my awareness was my suicide attempt. Now this is extreme, I just ignored many things when I look back, essentially because I didn’t know who I was. My second wake up call was a bit gentler, although it felt intense was the birth of my 3rd child. I truly believe if I hadn’t of listened after Boe was born, changed careers, took a risk, trusted my gut /intuition and stepped out of my comfort zone another wake up call would come, well it tried to come but I was on it but that is for another day.

Life and earth is just like one big school and I feel if we were taught that we learn from mistakes, that there are deeper meanings and lessons in things then we would flow more with life and not find it so hard to navigate.

When we wake up and become more aware that there is more, which some you who are reading this may be at right now, we cannot un-know and we must be in this place of openness to all that is and all that is shared until we can master at the level of 5D. This period of awakening is known as the 4D, its a tough place to be for many as we can stay here for quite a while. In fact, we don’t actually leave each vibration we are constantly going up and down the scale as we are human beings living a human existence and that is what we have agreed.

You may have heard of the word ‘Ascension’ which means ‘the action of rising to an important position or higher level’, ‘the act or process of moving up’.

This is what many are experiencing right now that have awakened and moved from 3D to 4D. This is the path of choosing consciously to step into a higher level of light. This is why there are many solar flares assisting us, this is why the Schumann resonance (earth’s energetic heartbeat) is off the scale but again that’s for another day. Once you awaken you naturally start to move and shift vibration because your soul self knows how good it is for you but we must transcend fear and lower vibrations that have been gathered up in the family ancestrally over the years, repeated patterns from previous lifetimes and inner child false beliefs and trauma from this lifetime. We must face our fears to transmute them and this happens in the form of triggers or emotional reactions, which when we are aware and have a daily sacred practice through soul self care we can transcend to a higher level of consciousness to attract more light, love and abundance which is after all why we are here.This is why I created the Hormone Balance Chakra methodology to teach this and support people through this process in an 8 week period because it does require the knowledge, awareness, practice and of course patience, there is no quick fix. I spent years mastering all of these skills so I want to use my learnings and expertise to help others. I have spent years learning all about Holistic Nutrition because holistic means whole so it looks at the body (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually). You wouldn’t get dressed for the day and leave your leg behind so why do we ignore all parts of us. I spent 18 months training as a Yoga teacher to bring you this gentle healing hormone flow yoga practice, I learned the healing modalities Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy over a period of 8 years so I wasn’t teaching from the ‘wounded healer’ perspective. I introduced the healing medicine that is Doterra Essential Oils and Ceremonial Cacao for my self and family first and once I saw the miraculous benefits I trained further to share with others. I up level constantly so I can first help me and then share with others that are open to listening and if you are not that is ok to. We are all here experiencing different journeys. When I bought the Akashic Records ‘Soul Realignment’ Practitioner Course in 2015 I just simply opened it and closed it again as I wasn’t ready. Understanding and working with past life experiences, as essentially there are all happening simultaneously, takes time, practice and skill so it wasn’t until I could dedicate the time and also that my soul self was ready, did I finally do course in 2020. All of what I have learned, and there is more as I haven’t even mentioned the deeply feminine priestess training which follows on from the Hormone Balance Chakra Course, is only the beginning. It’s the unpicking, the detox, the cleanse, the self regulation, the stress management, the being. Healing our foundations so that we can build upon a more solid ground for ourselves and ultimately our family that comes after us. This sounds lovely doesn’t it but it is deep, it can be challenging at times as the old parts of us literally come out of the shadows, fall away and are re-birthed a new. Like the birthing process it is beautiful but equally challenging but totally worth it in the end to fully hold you.

So what are the 10 steps that can we do starting today?

1. JOURNAL every morning.

This is what many people struggle with the most as they try too hard, they criticise themselves, they expect too much. There are 3 sides to journalling as with any detox. Release, Receive, Reset (integrate). If you have never journaled before there will much that needs said. Our throat chakra is the no.1 energy centre that most women have out of balance. This is where we hold shame. The eve stain from when she took a bite of the forbidden fruit- the apple. She followed her intuition and her desires and we have been punished for this sin every since. What a load of crap! The apple is a powerful symbolism for love in Greek mythology as Dionysus offers apples to Aphrodite in order to win her heart, of sensuality (desire), of positivity in Jewish culture where they ate apples immersed in honey (sweetness of life) during the Rose Hashanah, of feminine beauty & youth in China as apple blossoms are so beautiful and bloom in spring, the archetype of the maiden, of fertility in Greek methodology Hera received an apple during her engagement to Zeus, of knowledge and wisdom where they were gifted to scholars as far back as the 1700s. In fact in the New Testament Jesus is sometimes portrayed with an apple in his hand as a symbol of revival and redemption and the phrase ‘apple of my eye’ is often used to denote strong love as in, I believe the love between Jesus and Mary Magdalene and we know how she was depicted as a prostitute, which was only recently revoked. So you see the energy of shame goes way back through our ancestry and is held in the throat chakra as to heal shame we speak about it but be aware we can have an overactive throat chakra or under active hence why this is connected to the thyroid hormone gland (either speaking excessively or being very shy and holding it all in). Journalling is one way we can heal the energy of shame and reclaim who we are as women or men.

The ‘how to’ Journal:

SELF CARE: Write down about your day, how you feel

SOUL CARE: Write down about your day, how you feel, connect with the deeper emotion, allow yourself to feel by closing your eyes and connecting with the heart rather than the head and ask soul or the inner child what it needs? It doesn’t end there, simply observe throughout the day the words you say to yourself and others as words actually are spells (this is where the word spellings comes from) then repeat everyday committing to yourself and allow the words and healing to flow.

In the hormone balance chakra course we have journal prompts for each chakra and hormone gland each week. Journal prompts are so powerful whereby you keep repeating the question over and over and keep writing what you are hearing without thinking as that is you connected to you subconscious mind or soul self.

Try writing these out… “How I feel when others are distracted or not listening when I speak….” “I struggle to tell the truth when…”


Yes it’s simple, obvious and almost can feel basic but this is the thing this stuff is, we over complicate things. Getting grounded, working with the Base Chakra, otherwise known as the root chakra is the key to being in your body, being present, working on your fears but also it’s where we start to create, but with every creation something has to die, it’s the circle of life. Now here is the golden nugget, it really doesn’t matter what you do outside as long as your totally present. Yes we can go for a walk with friends or even cold water dipping in a club but that is essentially self care. Nothing wrong with it as long you are not constantly needing company. Soul care is deeper than that where you are connecting on a deeper level without distractions to heal within. Gardening would be one example but not getting annoyed with the work that needs done, not seeing it as a chore, same as walking the dog, cutting the grass etc. Did you know that Earth is like a big giant battery? The surface of the earth has an electrical charge, a negative one that needs grounded for safety purposes just like one of the main jobs of an electrician is to make sure that a house or building is grounded where the electricity runs eg walls. If we are essentially made up of energy and Earth is our conduit and we are not using her then things will start to get heightened, literally. With the advance and increase usage in technology over the years by us all, particularly young people (another whole topic in itself) we need to ground and connect with Mother Earth even more just like a child connects and stays in contact with any mother. Even the simple act of walking barefoot on the earth or simply just lying down on the ground for a few minutes if you are unable to move far is super powerful as it allows electrons from the earth to enter and improve our life functions that may act like antioxidants to neutralise free radical toxins.

The ‘how to’ ground:

SELF CARE: Meeting friends to go for a walk, gardening, jogging, mountain climbing

SOUL CARE: Going for a walk, sea dip or hill climb and being with the self, observing the thoughts without judgement, breathing out anything not serving you and asking for signs from the soul self and nature as to the source of any emotional, physical or mental imbalances, the start of a memory that created the belief and watching the patterns and symbolism repeated in nature. You can still go with someone just break up for 5-10 mins to connect with the soul self and the world around you. I often ask the land for a download of information to help me with a problem or issue that I have at that time as the earth is a limitless infinite being just like us.

3. Do more of WHAT YOU LOVE:

So for me it’s baths, I literally have one 3-4 times a week with oils, epsom salts and read book or listen to you a tube video or meditation. With the state of the world at the minute many people can be worrying about spending money themselves when actually this is the time we need to up our self and soul care but it doesn’t have to cost a lot. This is why I am passionate about teaching people how to heal themselves through my Hormone Balance Chakra teachings, 1:1 sessions (where you literally learn how to hear you higher soul self) and my reiki training workshops. I love massage too and have a great girl that I make sure I go to at least once every season as that is investment in me to be a better mother, coach and friend. I love clothes but again I had to look at addictions and was buying sale stuff thinking I was saving money when it just left me more overwhelmed and cluttered so my client and now dear friend Samara at Evolve helped me with my colours, helped me know what clothes suited my frame and personality and literally took a hatchet to my wardrobe – proper death and rebirth energy but it was the best money I ever spent. I feel as women we have no problem spending money on others but when it comes to ourselves it’s like we feel guilty or not good enough and that literally sends  a message to the universe of lack and what will be mirrored back! Again podcasts and articles like this one are free, there are lots of free master classes available. I am doing one this Monday here if the link to sign up, my regular yoga Studio 52 is offering a free day on 22nd October so look around but also invest in you, factor your soul and self care into the monthly budget and look at what areas you can revise. All those daily coffees add up (£3.50 cuppa is literally £98 at the end of the month) although I think a wee cuppa is important, this is only an example, the point that I am trying to make is balancing soul care and self care so make plans but only if it’s a HOLY HELL YES and factor in some alone time too.

The ‘how to’ do more of what you love:

SELF CARE – Lunch or dinner with friends, hair cut, manicure, massage, bath, movie night

SOUL CARE – Coffee or lunch date with self and a good book or your journal, a reiki massage (masseuse attuned to reiki) or if you have never had a reiki session mix it up for more awareness of what areas are out of balance and need your attention, choose your movie more mindfully as there is so much symbolism in movies and take time the days after it to process the messages in it for you and your own life.

4. Time with SOUL TRIBE.

As we grow and move through life we change and grow also so our friendship group will naturally change with you but, for many we try and force a square peg into a round hole so we don’t feel rejected, abandoned, shut out from the crowd, talked about etc . From personal experience my gut feeling and intuition has always told me and I often ignored it and then some big fall out came that was much harder to deal with in the long run. You do not have to say to people you don’t want to hang out with them and this can include family too. We can be graceful with our version of ‘saying no’ and practice healthy boundaries and knowing what you like to do first off and then who makes you feel good or who drains you and understanding that no one means to as it’s their own unhealed wounds and not everyone wants to and can look at them. We are not all meant to be awakened as it is the planet of duality after all. It might also be your spending too much time with one person so this just needs re-balanced and maybe you need to spend more time with yourself and you are using this as distraction subconsciously. Relationships with family, children and loved ones will all come in here along with boundaries as not all family is soul tribe, those who really get you so don’t let this dim your light, simply know this and do what feels right for you  and find a balance.  Talk to the inner child with your soul care practices as generally it is her that is triggered here. My other client and Relationship Coach Lisa has made it her mission to teach the world about love languages, attachment styles and how to manage conflict.  We need to talk and become more aware of how to have these conversations safely and for the highest good of everyone as relationships rule the world, partly taken from a Beyonce song!!

The ‘how to’ with Soul Tribe:

SELF CARE – Meeting up for coffee, dinner, theatre, walks, shopping, wine, family gatherings

SOUL CARE- All of the above is great but I encourage you when you are asked or invited, practice saying let me check and come back to you and sit with yourself, hand on heart and ask yourself ‘do you want to?’ ‘Does this date suit?’ ‘How does this person or group make me feel?’ ‘Which date or time would be better?’ One of the things I do is check against my monthly cycle and how much work I have on that week because if I am too tired or in my feminine cave (pre menstrual/menstrual) I will not want to go, or feel too tired, then feel resentful and have a crap time and will be outcast either way because I tried to please others instead of me. If they are true soul tribe they will understand, you can be vulnerable, assertive and not aggressive when challenged and you can tell the truth without judgement. Saying no but feeling guilty or bad is self care, saying no and processing/talking to the inner child about what false belief this is bringing up to release the energy is soul care.

5. DECLUTTER your home.

I mentioned in step 3 about decluttering your wardrobe and that is so freeing on many different levels so you can imagine what it feels like to declutter you whole house and ultimately life. Let’s start with the house. Stuff has energy attached to it. Like the point before, we grow out of things but as a nation we struggle with letting go, same with grief because we have been taught that it is the end. I know that when someone dies in the physical they live on in their spiritual bodies, their soul. I have experienced it, I see it and connect regularly. I am trained in accessing past lives after all. When I ask people in my circles what is their intention for coming this evening the most common answer is abundance. We want to feel abundant, to feel love, to feel connection, to have nice things, to enjoy time off with family and friends etc but in order for more to come in we have to let go of the old and that includes the old part of ourselves that feels in lack, that doesn’t feel good enough or worth it because it’s holding us back. It’s the same with items around the home. I always say a tidy car a tidy mind, I am using the car analogy because we don’t have to have every room tidy otherwise there would be no time for Soul Care. When there are less things and less clutter it appears tidy and that calms our nervous system and gives us clarity. When I declutter a room it might take me days as I literally feel so tired and burp like I do when I am doing a healing session because you are.

The ‘how to’ declutter:

SELF CARE – declutter your wardrobe but then filling it up again with similar items, cleaning a room in the house and just moving everything around, throwing that item out and then going straight out and replacing it with another.

SOUL CARE – declutter your wardrobe but research your body shape, your colours, your soul self expression eg are you romantic or edgy or both? If you have a presentation to do or a conversation to have or maybe you are feeling low what colour and clothing do you naturally reach for and how could you be more mindful and change it up, what would shift your mood. Same with the home do you have that one special room or space that is a mummy or partner free zone that no matter how little time you have as soon as you enter or sit on that chair you connect deeper with your soul self. If you are doing a room or you house up take time and ask what new items and colours reflect me and our personality. For example I love peacocks 🦚 and this stemmed from a not so happy time in my life when on Halloween (31st October) 2007 I attempted suicide and had a peacock costume to wear that night to go to a party. That time in my life was when I woke up, when a part of me died and another was reborn, it has taken me many years to reclaim her but I refused to put her in a room and shut the door, I faced my fears and found my desires as these are the same energy.

Peacock symbolism; re-growth, rejuvenation, royalty, respect, honour, integrity, love and passion. The feather represents divine power (which subsequently I found out in 2020 when I cleared my own akashic records is one of my divine gifts) and being your true soul self. I had dimmed who I was for years because I didn’t know or understand myself as a divine being. From that night I have found all of the above mentioned as peacock symbolism. An old part of me did die that day. It is the belief that a peacock’s body does not rot, so they symbolise immortality. In ancient times the peacock inspired many to trust their abilities and be proud of who they are and that is where I am today 15 years later. So when we were recently renovating our home I choose peacock wallpaper, with the help of Tarsha at Weston Style Homes. Again this was not my area of expertise so I was connected very divinely with Tarsha by a mutual friend and all the pieces started to fall together as they do when we make that first step. Then subsequently I relaunched my business under the name Soul Self Mastery and the peacock teal became my brand and all of the qualities I stand for so choose mindfully.


Positive affirmations are positive statements that we repeat to ourselves either out loud or in our heads. Again these are in the Hormone Balance Chakra Modality Journal – suggestions each week for each chakra. Affirmations have been scientifically proven to help with improving mental health. Studies show that people who use affirmations have lower levels of anxiety and stress and are more likely to improve their goals. They also increase self esteem and self compassion and also improve physical health. As children we have suppressed and put into the shadow those parts of us that maybe others told us were bad or not good. This is known as shadow work, inner child work, ego – reconnecting and facing those parts of us that we have shut away but that are trying to integrate with us, to help us become whole, as essentially they are a part of us. This can appear as negative and self destructive thoughts that when constantly thought, through repetition, become beliefs as a belief is just a thought we keep thinking and as such it can be changed, with thoughts, hence the power of affirmations. Affirmations can help to rewire our brain by changing the way we think, almost like we are tricking the brain by telling us we already have or are that thing which is why I love using positive affirmations that are in the present tense. Positive affirmations also helps us, if practiced consistently to ‘take action’ and that where many of us need help or shall I say ‘divine action’ as many are very busy doing things as I have addressed here but maybe not the right things for our Soul.

The ‘how to’ for affirmations:

SELF CARE – “I am capable of doing anything I set my mind to”

SOUL CARE – Let’s go deeper with this general affirmation and set intentions and goals. What is that one thing that you want to achieve eg job, relationship, fully booked event and add that in as if you are already that future version of you. “I am already consciously capable and doing this job, workshop as my higher soul led self who simply knows the way”

7. Get MORE SLEEP. We underestimate the power of sleep, as we do with most healthy things that are free and widely available. When you get a good night’s sleep you allow your body to repair and maintain, which essentially means to heal. We have all felt the affects of lack of sleep and unfortunately many of us has just got used to it but we don’t have to. Sleep is a big element in Hormone Chakra Balance as it is connected to the crown chakra and the pineal hormone gland which produces the hormone Melatonin. Sleep is also connected to the hormone insulin which regulates our blood sugar which is why many of us are so tired and also this hormone gets knocked off with eating too much sugar and due to the high levels of stress we are under we are craving and consuming more sugar, chocolate and alcohol than ever. This the in turn increases our cortisol levels (stress hormone) which send a message to the brain to be on high alert we are under attack so what your do don’t sleep or you might die and as such a vicious cycle ensues. We also create new neural pathways and connections when we sleep so we can learn new information, remember old memories to heal and form new ones. Other benefits include, increase productivity, helps with concentration, improves immune function, helps maintain a healthy weight and balanced mood.

The ‘how to’ with sleep

SELF CARE – Have a bath, diffuse lavender essential oil, turn technology off 2 hours before bed, don’t eat sugar or drink caffeine after 2pm, take a food grade magnesium (I side Cytoplan Vitamins & minerals because they work at the cellular level) ensure room is dark, declutter the space, reduced toxins in skincare & toothpaste which is why I use Doterra Essential OilsTropic products (toxins affects pineal gland and testosterone levels)

SOUL CARE – All of the above but understand when you sleep you heal, you connect with your subconscious mind so keep a note pad and pen beside your bed to recall the dreams and then interpret the symbolism as part of your daily sacred practice including all or some of these steps. The pineal and pituitary gland are closely related so so is the crown and 3rd eye chakra which is your inner sight and your intuition so when you do the inner work you sleep better. You can also ask for a download whilst you sleep to a problem, you can instruct your higher soul self or you guides and loved ones to give you healing in a certain area whilst you sleep etc.

8. READ more books.

I love the term to READ is to LEAD. That simply means to be the leader and the star in your own story you need to read, to learn, to gather all the information available and then decide which is right for you and which isn’t as not every author is for everyone. Just like not every spiritual teacher is for everyone. Again for many, finance comes in here. Books are not expensive. You may want to join that course, that workshop by a famous well known author or spiritual/self development leader but the price tag is too high (right now) instead of feeling lack and annoyed about where you are buy their book. I literally love Denise Duffield Field Thomas and would love to join her programs but they are out of my budget right now, some day yes.  So I buy and read all her books, I listen to her podcast episodes, I take her free online quizzes, I even went to a relatively low cost event a couple of years ago and got to be in the room and hear her talk for 60 mins as I knew that alone was worth the trip. Absorb it all, there are so many resources available to us if we look and keep putting that one foot in front of the other.

The ‘how to’ with reading

SELF CARE – The act of reading the book, taking the time out for you either to read or listen

SOUL CARE – Changing a belief and ultimately a habit after applying knowledge learned through a book connected with your intuition.  For example if they are questions or activities take time and create the space to do them. If the book mentions other authors or sources look them up.

9. Take up YOGA.

Now I debated whether to change this to ‘just MOVE’ and yes movement is the place to start but this is all about what worked for me and what has worked for 000s of clients that I have assisted. For me it all started with yoga actually. When I was 22 I went on a holistic retreat in Donegal. I went with my mum as her friend couldn’t go and so it was fated.  When I heard there was no alcohol and it was all healthy vegan food for 5 days I was like oh please rescue me. At that time in my life I partied hard, played hard and burnt the candle at both ends hence why I fell asleep during the savasana (corpse) pose at the end and was like I need to know what just happened as I had insomnia! Yoga anchors us in the present moment because it brings us back into our body, which is true soul self care. The years that past revealed much trauma that I had no idea was there because at surface level it didn’t appear that I had a bad childhood which I didn’t compared to others who experienced much worse but it is all relative. This is why this work is so powerful because the word trauma translated in Greek is actually the word ‘wound’ which is often what I help people with getting to the core emotional wound. Our minds become entangled in events of the past and expectations for the future but our physical body lives the now and we can connect with it through yoga because it’s mindful unlike other forms of exercise. Yoga in Sanskrit means ‘to yoke’ or ‘to harness’ which is translated as UNION. Yoga connects us to our spiritual soul selves by harnessing the present. I often get my best ideas during a yoga class. Now just a word of warning if you haven’t done yoga, when I went back to my fast paced party lifestyle I did not experience the same yoga experience. I struggled to be present and realised, for me anyway, I needed to commit, to practice, to find the right teacher and the correct environment so it took many tries or doing and giving up and searching.

The ‘how to’ with yoga

SELF CARE – Joining your local yoga class, buy a block and make that one week commitment to yourself

SOUL CARE – Going to yoga minimum weekly, going on your own, thinking of an intention as you drive there, ask your higher soul self to join you during the practice and help with clarity.

10. Schedule time for DAILY MEDITATION.

Leaving the best to last. There are so many different ways to meditate and none of them are wrong. It’s simply what feels right for you. Contrary top popular belief meditation is not about clearing your head of negative or low vibe thoughts, it’s about observing your thoughts, accepting them all, good or bad, high or low and simply being. There are different ways to meditate and as I struggled to quieten the mind I take people through a guided visualisation journey with symbolism to interpret so it is personal to them and take them out of their current life’s stresses. I get many messages from people who have struggled to meditate saying they can meditate with me. I became aware that I was a natural channel when I used to attend meditation classes and was just shown so much. I thought I was doing something wrong. Then I became aware I was channeling so I embraced this skill and what I saw when I did and suddenly the shamanic part of of me was born as I simply allowed it all to flow. Depending on where you are on your meditation journey I started out with gentle guided relaxation meditations, which are all about the voice and music to unwind, then I moved up to visualisation journey’s like I do so I could do deep into my own healing journey and then I became silent and now I mindfully meditate as I move throughout my day through symbolism and connection with my soul self ‘language of light’ and revert back to what suits me on any given day. There are guided meditations on my Podcast; The Honey Temple, my YouTube Channel and Instagram page. Meditate really helps you to connect with your soul self which is why it is an integral part of the Hormone Balance Chakra Modality.

The ‘how to’ in meditation:

SELF CARE – Access and follow a relaxing guided meditation once a week

SOUL CARE – Start with the above and do it daily, then explore different meditations and find a practitioner that you like, make a cup of ceremonial cacao and have that as part of you daily sacred practice and then once that is mastered just sit daily in the quiet with your soul self and observe it all. Some days you will hear, see or know the guidance and some day you will receive nothing and be ok with whatever.

I hope this gives you a flavour, a starting point. The best advice I could give you is to commit to a Soul Self Care Practice daily. Start with self care the be more present, less distracted, spend more tine on your own and just be and suddenly it will all fall into place. I feel so blessed to have this constant communication with my soul self and my future self as life just flows. More so than ever when things are stressful that is when people do less self care so I encourage you, as we enter these next few months of turbulent waters be mindful, do the inner work and that will be reflected outwardly, no matter what the media says.  Remember what happened in 2020, what were the learnings for you, how have you changed for the better? That was a global wake up call which I wrote about in 2020 and we are heading for another. We have been over consuming, focusing too much on the ego and material things and forgetting what’s important, All we need and will ever need is right here within. It doesn’t mean we can want or desire more. I so believe in reaching for the stars but that true abundance will only come if we appreciate and see the abundance of where we are now in this given moment.

Happy October!!

Love Leigh xx

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