22.02.22 energies and what this means

The day is finally here.

This once on a lifetime gateway or ascension code 22.02.2022 (222222) read the same backwards as forwards for maximum affect. What does this mean for us?

We are receiving and have been since the Winter Solstice downloads of light to help us with our ascension into a new world. As with any detox or cleanse, the old must come up to go before the lightness can be felt. It feels like we have went through one major purge the last 2 years, we have all felt it but maybe not understood it’s significance as generally you can’t when deep in it. As I always teach we are more than just our physical bodies and for years, centuries, for that matter its hasn’t really mattered. Now, the great Mother Earth has had enough, like all mothers, they only take so much. So much ill treatment of our bodies, our minds, each other. Addictions have sky rocketed as we feel all of this but don’t what to do with it so we suppress. Whether it is through over consumption of alcohol, food, exercise, work, blaming others or materialism we have to now face our emotional and spiritual, higher or what I like to call our soul selves. For years the self care movement has brought us more awareness of self but again, with all things that has got distorted and misused because it has caused a co dependency to need from others to be ok. Yes it is the perfect place to start but then we must move deeper into the soul self as we are on this constant journey or trajectory to ‘thyn own selves be true’.

When I was guided to shut my doors to seeing face to face clients in March 2020 I trusted, I felt fear and uncertainty but I trust my soul self because she is connected directly to source, to God and your soul self is also. He/she is just waiting in the wings until you are ready to hear the guidance and step into alignment and truth with who and what you really are, which ultimately is love and power. I had been burnt out, yes even doing what I loved, serving humanity, aiming to make the world a better place, or so I thought but I wasn’t serving as I thought.  I was creating a co dependency that people needed me to heal them to be ok, which simply isn’t the case. Yes that is important to help get you started on your journey, to help bring the lightness and understanding of the self in and then you will start remembering who you are. This is called Soul Self Mastery.

Your Soul Self is essentially your higher self, your true authentic self. How we arrived into this world.  Knowing and remembering who we are, completely connected to our intuition, our hearts but then as agreed, earthly conditioning steps in and we are made to fit into a system, a box. Some call it the Matrix. This movie was based on Carl Jung’s Jungian ideas of the ego self relationship and how it relates to the persona, the shadow and the individual self. One of the first scenes is Neo asleep at his desk and the computer flashes “Wake up Neo”- an instruction from self. The sleeping man is in ego mode, a symptom of an egocentric psyche unaware of the possibility that there is something else besides the ego (the physical self and mental mind). Not yet awoken to the possibility that there is another world outside of the persona he lives. If we rearrange the name Neo we get the word one. He is the one, you are the one and all that you need is right there inside you, just waiting to be discovered, to be awoken.
Numerology is the ‘pseudoscientific belief in a divine or mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events’. Today’s numerology is a once in a lifetime event that we will never experience again in our lifetime. Our physical and mental bodies have been heavy due to the abuse over centuries so these ‘light codes’ almost, are coming in and have been coming in for the whole month of January too, which is why we have felt so tired, so unmotivated, maybe even anxious at times as most are not aware what is happening hence why I have changed the business name to help those who want to understand and know more.

My Wellbeing Pal (previous name) just didn’t express who I was about and what I help people with anymore. When I sat with this I simply heard the words MASTERY AND SOUL. I have spent 14 years really mastering self, which simply means understanding, and knowing who I am and my true divine gifts, what lights me up and how I can then help others, as from a child that’s all I really wanted to do but I wasn’t smart enough to be a doctor or a nurse, which was really the only option but my soul had other ideas and I need time to breakdown so I could breakthrough.

This breakdown is the falling away of the ego self, me, like Neo waking up to the truth of who I really was. I felt so different, sensitive, weird almost, for most of my life and I couldn’t see a place for me in this perfect world so I hid, I dimmed my light to stay safe like many others and now is the time for us to simply accept who we are. It is safe to be yourself, to be seen, to be accepted to be loved but unlike the princess and the hero story we must save ourselves. This is what we call the priestess and the warrior. You have heard of the quest for the Holy Grail. Many believe it was a cup that Jesus drank from at the last supper or that it was used to collect his blood at the crucifixion, whilst others believe that it was a person, maybe Mary Magdalene. It has also been known to be a dish or stone, the well at Glastonbury called Chalice well in England, yes it’s all of those but essentially it’s a gateway like today. It’s the cup of our hearts, which we can either fill up with source light, soul light or empty. Filling your soul self cup with the divine feminine energy which is present in males and females because simply put it’s our emotional body, our intuition, our spiritual, soul, higher self. Our connection to source God for he/she is inside us, not higher or out of reach. Kyle Gray, in his amazing new ‘Gateway of Light Oracle’ describes this feminine energy as a fierce yet graceful light that inspires us to dance to the sacred rhythm of life. Today’s gateway, therefore encourages us to stop searching outside ourselves for truth and go within to realise that we have had everything we have been searching for the whole time for the Holy Grail is us. You are what you seek….Soul Self Mastery will help you integrate this knowing.

Soul Self Mastery offers a wide range of services depending on where you are on your journey and budget, ranging from affordable ‘Bee your own Queen’ 2 hour workshops that are available to purchase here to ‘Ask the Oracle’readings, to deep one to one Soul Self Mastery Sessions over zoom. If you have been on this journey for a while and wish to go deeper I would suggest the Akashic Record ‘Soul Realignment’ clearing or if you are very new to this inner work then I would highly recommend my Hormone Balance Chakra (in person) Workshop and 8 week online Course (launching on 1st March). The Hormone Balance Chakra methodology was born from much research and experience over the last 8 years, working with over 3000 women one to one helping them heal a range of symptoms with holistic nutrition, meditation, gentle movement and journaling which is the 4 elements of the program which access the 4 bodies (physical, mental, emotional & spiritual) so you can achieve true soul self mastery.

For now, stay grounded and hydrated as your light body ascends (to climb) to drink in these 222222 codes of light so that you become lighter. There are 6 (2s), 6 is connected to love which is the number for this year. 6×2 = 12 (1+2=3) 3 is the number connected to Christ consciousness, to the trinity. Maiden, mother, crone in women. Youth, father, Sage in men. Remember to connect with all aspects of self on a daily basis. If you have a reaction or feel hurt, or anger which aspect is it. Hold space for them, connect with them but know it’s only an aspect of you that is coming up for healing right now and it doesn’t define your hold self so it doesn’t need to be hidden or suppressed anymore.

Let’s close on a practical note…you may experience detox symptoms as with any cleanse, such as tiredness, aches, pains, headaches, bloated tummy or if you have been experiencing these you might feel elevated, elated, lighter already. We are all on different paths, experiencing earth in different ways so don’t compare, simply be aware. The body constantly gives you signs and symbols as to where the imbalances are which are generally around a chakra energy centre and corresponding hormone gland so do your own research so you can fully embrace and master your Soul Self.

Much Love and happy 222222
Leigh xx


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