A Time For Release

I was woke up around 2.30am and guided to look out my window and there was the Super Full Moon blazing right in my window….It caught me off guard but the pull was strong. Could I get back to sleep, of course not so I am writing to you. Whoever you are, wherever you are, at whatever time you read this I hope it helps just one person and if nothing else it will birth these words so that I can go back to sleep, hopefully. It’s about 7 weeks into lockdown here in the UK (Northern Ireland) and I for one have enjoyed the solitude. In fact, I plan on sticking to my very own private lock down, even if restrictions are lifted a little this weekend as the government releases the next phase plans. This is really only the 1st phase of awakening and many have remembered, many have become more aware and more conscious. Conscious that they are more than just their physical bodies, more than just their minds, more than just their thoughts, more than just their role as mothers, fathers, employees, employers.

We have been given this beautiful opportunity (yes opportunity…. as from all pain is growth it’s how we choose to interpret it) to go within but for many that has not been easy. I have been on this journey of awakening, of remembering, of surrender for a long time, I have been preparing for this to help others. I remember though when I started this journey, I couldn’t be present with myself, I struggled to surrender to life as it unfolded, I defended, I blamed, I suffered but I didn’t give up that right there is the golden nugget. You will fail, you will get angry and frustrated and criticise yourself but at least you are still showing up, you wake up every day to face the day ahead no matter what you do or do not do and it’s never too late.
For me, there was this knowingness that was driving me to make one small step every day and no matter how hard the days were I knew deep in my heart that ‘this too shall pass’. That I was not my mind, my ego, that I could access more…. I just had to allow the layers of pain, of wounding, of childhood scars to fall away to get to the real me, but first I had to face them. That was the hard part. Who was I behind this mask, behind who I was presenting to the world. We work so hard trying to be perfect and it’s exhausting, super mum, super dad, super friend, super human….blah blah blah….what if it’s simply ok not be ok at times. What if we recognise that being totally present with our hot mess might actually save us. Whoa!! now there is a concept, let’s feel all our shit, lets look at it all slap bang in the eye and tell it ‘I see you but I am not you’. What if we realised we actually all do have a choice and stopped believing what society tells us, what these limiting structures of government, school, church etc have told us about who we are and what we can do. What if we realised we are more, we can have more and we can be more if we simply surrendered every once in a while. We don’t have to go all hippy we just have to find that balance between the masculine and the feminine energy within ourselves, the push and pull, the light and dark, our logic and intuition and tune into our gut feeling more, start to feel our bodies more as it will tell us exactly what we need to hear. We just need to honour it more, be kind to it more, to go a bit quieter and listen.

For me, it wasn’t that bad actually but I did resist, I am human and so are you. So my advice is go easy on yourself. You may feel a little different now and that might feel scary or it might feel liberating or a bit of both and that is normal but I suppose it’s what you do from here. How are you going to continue showing up for yourself, who have you enjoyed taking a break from and who did you miss in your life, what parts of you need your attention? Do you need to get your physical body back in shape? Maybe you need to do less exercise and more mindfulness?

I have noticed in conversations with people that they are really reflecting on their life purpose, what they are here to do and sometimes that can feel a whole lot of pressure to be. What if we just allowed curiosity, that feels much less pressure to perform. If only those career guidance periods growing up taught us to follow our passions, do what we love I feel we would all be much happier now but it isn’t too late. It’s that choice thing again, it hasn’t been taken from us, its the limiting beliefs that we have been brought up believing are true, that we can’t have more, that we cant believe in miracles. I say f**k that. Whatever you wish for you can have with a little bit of effort (not much I might add). The first step is knowing what you want and sometimes this can be the hardest….I suggest tuning into your childhood memories, look at pictures of you as a child, ask your parents what you were like, what did you play with…that will give you such an insight into who you are and what you are here for.

I have just completed my ‘Soul Realignment’ Practitioner training which blew me away…..I have struggled with my business structure for a while now. I felt it wasn’t serving my clients or me as it was causing dependance not empowerment. I was so busy each week doing one to one hands on healing sessions whereby clients came back every 3/4weeks and I was exhausted. We need to move from the old paradigm of someone making us better, of this notion of hierarchy feeling that just because others who are more qualified than us know what is best for us. That is so disempowering. All of the wisdom is within us, we just have to be present, be kind and be committed to accessing it. The only person that knows what is best for you is actually you. What I loved about this course, which allows me to access your own personal Akashic Records (will do another post in more detail about how it works) is that it clears your soul’s blueprint from all the negative choices that you have ever made and it only needs to be done once, if done correctly. There is much irrelevant information stored in our records so I loved the logical, grounded approach to this teaching so that we are only accessing and clearing what is holding someone back from living their best life. Information is key so when you know and understand why you are the way you are, why you respond the way you do in certain situations you have you power back and you make positive choices. That for me is true empowerment and it is why I have made the decision not to see any more clients face to face in my clinic. I will announce more in due course but essentially I have treated over 2000 people in the last 5 years and the same conditions arise which require the same protocols and I don’t need a food intolerance machine to tell me what I know and I have found distant healing to be much more powerful than face to face. I have developed my skill set over the years making that jump from the corporate world to nutrition, mindfulness, yoga, essential oils and now the icing on the top, this soul realignment work so I am excited for the future and sharing my plans with you when I am ready. For now, if any existing clients want to contact me and continue with me online I will explain how it works and pop your name down on the list for when I am back or if you want me to recommend someone else for you to work with I will be happy to do that also…The Future is Bright, The Future is Here so LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE.

This Scorpio full moon is designed with a sting in the tail to help you, to bring stuff up that is no longer serving you that maybe you want to avoid but you soul can’t as it knows why you are here so release, release, release all in your life that is no longer serving you and feel the lightness and joy that is waiting for you.

Much Love, Leigh xx

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