Closing out 2021 with a happy ending

On the 1st day of Christmas my soul self said to me…

5 Gold Rings is the line my daughter was given to sing in her school. The number 5 is the numerological year for 2021. A key characteristic and symbolism for the number 5 is abundance and curiosity, the need for a variety of exciting experiences in order to feel fulfilled. The number 5 craves freedom and adventure much like the sign of Sagittarius but of course like most things in life we are shown what isn’t working first before the good manifests, this is the law of the universe. The number 5 isn’t just about just setting goals and making plans, it’s about starting anywhere and just getting out there and experimenting. First though, we must know what we want and we do this by reflecting on what has shown up or is showing up in our lives that we don’t want in this 5 year 2021. This is the true meaning of the 12 days of Christmas. The 12 days start on Christmas Eve (24th December) as most people will have finished work but officially it’s Christmas Day, however generally we are so busy these days I encourage you to start reflecting on 2021 now, a week before or as soon as you read this. The 12 days of Christmas asks us to look back on the previous year, month by month.

It’s important to close out the year in December…the number 12 is of course connected to completion. The the need to tie up any loose ends. There comes a time and generally it’s around this time of reflection when the only way forward is by going back and taking care of unfinished business, dealing with deep feelings and triggers that originate in the past so you can finally be free. We are all one, we feel what others feel and as the last 2 weeks in December amp up collectively with this new variant or shall I shall new fear we are being asked to go deep and make a choice. Which doorway do we want to open in 2022 and close out in 2021?

Do we choose the door FEAR or the door of LOVE? It really is that simple.

Fear has been used for centuries to control people into following a narrative to suit the powers to be so that we don’t exercise our intuitive muscle because God forgive people would actually feel empowered, in control of their own lives, to make their own decisions. This happens as children and even then it’s not OK but that’s another matter for another day. We are not children anymore. We all have a God given gift. We are all unique, it’s not our fault that we have been brought up in a world of fear, a world of control, as yes I recognise that we need some sort of order of course, but now this big mirror is being reflected back that it has gone too far and we must acknowledge it. We must feel what we don’t want to feel, that something just ain’t right in the world and take back our own power, know ourselves be true and do what is right for ourselves first and foremost and the rest will follow.

No matter what your choice is in any aspect of your life right now, whether it is; do I stay or leave a relationship, do I take this jab or booster or not, do I stay in this job or not please choose from a place of love. Work through any fear, any triggers, any deep wounding that is surfacing as this is how we anchor the light and ‘HOLD THE LINE’ as I call it in in my December Energies video HERE on You Tube or if you prefer the audio version it is available in my Podcast; The Honey Temple; Bee your own Queen. This is how we change the world, by each person taking the time to know themselves be true, to be conscious of their actions, their thoughts, their projections. When we do that we will see the truth. When we do that we have the constant connection to source which is love. When we do that we repair that broken umbilical cord between us and God source and we then we don’t feel alone. We feel connected as that generally what most of us crave. Connection. Don’t let fear divide us; we hold the light.

I have had many people reach out to me this year asking how they can do this work, it makes my heart sing to see how the world is changing. I can see it shifting, I can see us turning towards the light like Sunflowers even if it doesn’t look that way right now on the world stage. Chaos is the start of the unraveling so just stay in your own patch and water your own garden for now. That is all we can do and if everyone did that then watch the light return to the earth for now is the time. It’s the Winter Solstice on Tuesday 21st December; a return of the light. A return of your light, just as Jesus is born so will you be reborn like the sun from this the darkest day and bit by bit every day after that will get lighter and lighter and so shall you. I will be doing a meditation on my Podcast to help your 4 bodies anchor more light and shift these heavy energies so stay posted.

2022 is the year of expansion. It’s the year of stepping into and going after our dreams and desires and being our true AUTHENTIC SELF. We can’t sit back and wait for certain things to align before we start going after our dreams. We must start now, with what’s happening now in our own lives and listen. Listen to our gut, listen to the signs and symbols our body, mind and soul is communicating with us on a daily and hourly basis.

If you are keen to start exploring this and going within I suggest picking one or all 3 of my ‘Bee your own Queen’ workshops. I was guided to create these in in November based on the 3 most commons questions I get asked.

1) What is the inner child and how to I integrate him/her and work through current triggers?
2) How to I connect with my Intuition and make this work daily with my current busy life?
3) What is my purpose here on earth and how to I stay in my power?

I based these around what people need right now and they transformed into something very special. Here is a testimonial from one Queen, (working mum of 4, Samara)

“The Bee Your Own Queen” workshops have been an incredible part of my own personal journey. Leigh has a really unique way of teaching that allows you to step into your own power with confidence. Each workshop helped me delve a little deeper into who I truly am. I’m so grateful to have connected with Leigh and I’m already looking forward to her next series”.

When you know yourself be true that’s all the power you need. Most of us are truly scared of our own power, which is our own light. We have been dimmed over the years, we have tried to fit a square peg into a round box and now there are no more cracks or holes to hide in. We must face or truth, face our fears and take back control of our own lives and choose ourselves. Bee our own Queen and not waiting on others to save us or tell us what is right for ourselves and our family.

If you are interested in any of these workshops for yourself or as a last minute Christmas Gift you can click on the gift option and I will either post you a gorgeous Gift Voucher out in a Rose Gold envelope, with instructions for your loved one when they open it on Christmas Day or download the virtual voucher version. Giving the Gift of Self this Christmas.

Click HERE for more information on my Bee you own Queen Series and details of each workshop.

Each workshop 2 hours long that you can start and stop according to your schedule and the recording will never be deleted, consisting of;

1) Information pertaining to the topic using a presentation, which you also get a copy of so you don’t have to take notes

2) Interactive reflection tasks in your journal which we pause to complete together

3) A Meditation journey to help you connect, activate & integrate at a sub/super conscious level

4) Follow up material to practice with at home in your own time

I designed this series around the female archetype/ female body and the stages we go through each month with our cycle and throughout our lifetime as a divine feminine being; maiden (inner child), mother, priestess (wild woman), crone (wise woman).

As women as are made up of these 3 aspects of self; our maiden is our inner child, our mother energy is the creatrix, when we start to either create a physical child or a life, a business, a home and our crone is our wisdom, our wild woman, our authenticity.

Our crone self is split into our wild woman priestess self, where we are no longer a princess waiting for someone to save us but a PRIESTESS, standing fully but gracefully in our power and knowing who we are, what our purpose is and the steps we need to do daily to full embody our queen-hood.

She ultimately is our soul self, she has strong boundaries, she has clarity, she is real but she is also compassionate for herself and others and she doesn’t wait for someone to save her or tell her what is right for her.

When we understand, connect and nourish these 4 parts of self daily and monthly we tune into our intuitive cyclical nature and allow it to guide us so life truly becomes transformative.

No matter what trust that you have the power, you have the control. There is no other person like you on the planet right now so spread that uniqueness and start with you loving, accepting and understanding her and then others will follow.

Wishing you all the most magical Christmas and may your New Year be blessed with all that you wish for…

Leigh xx



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