October Energies ‘Retreating to recharge before you make big changes’

Welcome to October the ‘month of mystery’!!

October is always an interesting month so I am delighted to bring you the guidance early to rest and retreat.

Often we must do this before we can fully move forward and step into the new.

There are 2 eclipses in October on the 14th and 28th October with an Arcturus Gateway in between hence why we have started downloading power light codes already.

Karma is clearing big time hence why September was such an intense base chakra clearing month so we need time to stabilise and integrate the energy so ground ground ground is the best advice.

Eclipses act as portals to bring stuff up that you wouldn’t otherwise look at to you can step forward in a big way and create the life you want.

Eclipses are known to be like full moon or new moons on steroids as they affect our moods and behaviours so its a good time to withdraw from the world and retreat a bit before the hectic festive season.

Please remember that eclipses only become difficult to handle when we resist the changes that we know are necessary to move forward so be prepared with Pluto going direct in the 10/10 portal bringing in sudden change and transformation but allow for out highest good.

October is the 10th month and the numerology of the number 10 signifies wholeness and balance.

1 = independence
0= unity

It is also known as a powerful manifestation number that we can use with intention to turn our dreams into reality.

10/10 energy on the 10th of October doubles this vibration hence why I am feeling the call to do an activation for you.

The 10th card in the tarot is the ‘wheel of fortune’ so allow the wheels of your life to make a big turn, finally close that door to something that has not been serving you for so long and embrace the new as hard as it is at the start it will be worth it in the end.

To get through the month you are being asked focus on forward momentum especially with Pluto going direct, the planet of transformation and personal power. To balance you chakras and energy field through ground practices in order to receive these creation codes with ease and above all stay in your masculine and feminine balances energy fully holding yourself as you rise above the darkness like the phoenix from the flames or the lady form the lotus.

Follow your bliss and do what lights you up.

Stay in your heart.

Communicate Freely.

Simplify your life and declutter getting rid of those energies that do not serve you.

I will post the 10/10 portal activation when it is ready.

Much Love

Leigh xx

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