Quinoa and Oat Chocolate Breakfast Smoothie

Looking for a quick breakfast that really wakes you up?

Try this Breakfast Blast Oat & Quinoa Smoothie!!! It’s soo yummy:-). It’s like a breakfast and espresso in one.

5 great benefits:

1. The oat and quinoa really fill you up, are high in protein and keep your blood stable meaning you want dip mid morning.

2. The cacao gives you that daily chocolate fix without the sugar and dairy plus it’s acts like a stimulant to wake you up.

3. The good fats in the coconut oil and avocado keep you full and feed the brain ready for a long day.

4. The DE detoxes your system, cleanses the bowels, promotes healthy skin and hair kills any parasites or fungus like yeast.

5. The Chia Seeds give you your daily omega 3!


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