55 Beltane Portal Activation ‘Expand and Evolve’


Are you ready for that forward momentum?

It feels like we have been on this mad conveyor belt for the last 4 years and now with the energies of this quantum leap year finally here with the 55 portal and firey Beltane energy the time has finally come to gain that forward momentum.  To help understand, integrate and activate this wave of incoming energy so that we are making best use of this opportunity and doorway that is open allow me to guide you for 105 mins (20 mins explaining the energy and 45 mins of the activation journey) through this 55 Beltane Portal Activation and shamanic journey into sacred union.  This activation contains healing codes, reiki energy, shamanic healing and soul retrieval. One person described the activation like a fairytale in a fantasy land so as much as it sounds powerful it is quite magical…..